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Poached White Fish Roll in Savoury Jelly (Gefillte Fish)

A traditional Jewish passover dish, Geffilte Fish is also a popular Christmas and Easter dish in Poland. It is enjoyed cold with a little horseradish and provides a great protein boost from the fish while the gelatin is a fantastic gut-health remedy and is great for muscle and joint health. […]

Russian Potato Salad (aka Polska Sałatka)

Given that everyone who has tried my version of this salad begged me for the recipe, it is no wonder that both the Poles and the Russians claim a version of this potato and vegetable salad as their own. Dairy- and gluten-free too!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie with the Added Benefit of LSA

This decadently rich chocolate banana smoothie has the added benefit of LSA and is one of my breakfast favourites. Perfect if you are craving something sweet and chocolatey.