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Beef mince san choy bow style

Traditionally san choy bow is made with pork or chicken, but I was slowly becoming tired of using beef mince only to make Western style dishes such as meatballs, rissoles and pasta, so I had decided that the next incarnation of my ground beef should in fact be a san […]

All natural summer fruits iced tea cooler

My strawberry lemon and mint iced tea is tasty, refreshing, additive free and an all natural alternative to soft drinks with no added sugar. An added advantage of my iced tea coolers is that when it comes to flavour you can experiment a little…

Chicken skewers with mango and chilli salsa

Whether it’s a mid-week meal or a weekend barbecue, these succulent chicken skewers with mango salsa are quick and easy to make and a perfect summer’s dish. You could also serve this salsa with beef, pork or white fish.

Dried Porcini Mushroom Soup [Bisque]

The recipe I am about to share with you is the best of them all. It is simple. Fragrant. Delicious. Served traditionally on Christmas Eve, dried porcini soup has a gorgeous deep earthy flavour while the meaty chunks of mushrooms provide a good protein base in this otherwise vegan dish.

Lemon Prawn and Crab Meat Spaghettini

This 5 minute lemon prawn and crab spaghettini is one of my favorite summer meals. Not only is it quick, it’s also tasty, fresh and light. It is great for using up any left over seafood (think Christmas time) and it can be easily adjusted to feed one or many.

5 Ingredients: Blueberry Dumplings

Who would have thought that something so simple, made with only 5 ingredients could taste sooooo good! Mmmm blueberries and cream… I’m still licking my lips with delight.

Christmas pork roast with prunes and walnuts

This delicious and easy to prepare roast can be enjoyed warm on Christmas Day, while leftovers make a great cold cut to be served for supper or throughout Boxing Day. Indeed, the stuffing, marjoram crackling and roasted onion gravy bring a festive feel to the dish.

Quick tomato, feta and caper lamb cutlets with quinoa

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing little people polish off their dinner not long after it’s been served. “These are deeee-licious!” Best of all quinoa is wheat and gluten free so it’s great for people with those allergies.

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