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Cafe Sydney’s barramundi with goat’s cheese ravioli and burnt butter pine nuts

The fish, crisp on the outside but meltingly soft on the inside, goes so well with the combination of sweetness and nutty flavours in the sauce and the silky smooth pasta with its tart but creamy goat’s cheese filling.

Quick and Tasty Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti is one of those meals that even the most hesitant cooks can master as their speciality. So, when it comes to making the carbonara, it is a pretty simple recipe that takes only minutes to cook – a perfect midweek meal. The recipe does not overcater either and the […]

26 January: Australia Day foods

The perfect lamingtons, how to tell your prawns are fresh not frozen and what to do with leftover barbecued sausages! Whether you’re an Aussie living abroad feeling homesick today or just a visitor curious about Australian culture and food traditions, I’m sure you will find an interesting thing or two […]

Home made crostoli (faworki)

Now, I’m not sure of the exact meaning of the word crostoli, but between it and the Polish name chrust you can kind of “see” that the pastry itself is meant to be like little strips or twisted ribbons of delicate and flaky crust. Dusted with a little icing sugar […]

Chocolate honeycomb martini

A delicious chocolate martini that can be served instead of dessert! Rich, creamy and decadently moorish with a hint of hazelnut from the Frangelico.

Quick roasted vegetable and goat cheese bruschetta

When it comes to this light supper bruschetta it is all about feeling good: the vibrant colours and intense flavours and aromas speak for themselves. Good quality olive oil, freshest basil and goat’s cheese. I love a generous sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper. Perfect (Italian) summer supper.

Beef, spinach and cheese tart // meat pie

Filled with spinach, lean beef mince and some grated cheese the pie is relatively additive free and contains none of those gristly bits that commercially made pies sometimes do. Actually I was pleasantly surprised myself with how good this tart tastes: it was so good we all went back for […]

Pork rolls with leek and beer sauce

Combining the slight saltiness of the pork with the sweet flavour of the cooked-down beer and leeks makes for a tasty meal and a quick and hassle-free alternative to beer-basted roasts.

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