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Sashimi salad with flying fish roe dressing

A simple recipe to transform a boring old sashimi into a tasty salad or an impressive h’ordeurve.

Goat’s Cheese Caramelised Onion and Roasted Beetroot Tart

I often find myself ordering a goat’s cheese tart when dining out, but as I recently discovered they are not that hard to make at home. The filling is light and airy and the flavours complement each other perfectly well.

Quick pantry minestrone

If you get stuck for ideas on what to make for dinner, consider cooking up this lovely 20 minute one-pot soup. Besides the convenience of using pantry ingredients, which are nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, especially if they are additive-free, many of the them are picked at peak […]

Kids Meal: Fish en Papillote

Fish en papillote is great fun to eat, it takes care of itself in the oven in around 20 minutes and it’s brilliantly non-smelly! Perfect school night dinner and a delicious meal for both grown ups and kids.

Scones with a very special jam, double cream + a giveaway!

Now, this is the first time ever I’ve made scones. The double cream meandering through a thick layer of strawberry and vanilla bean jam, looks as irresistible as it tasted. Every bite was better than the last. The buttery crumbliness of the scones was perfect on the outside while the […]

Lamb kofta balls, hommus and heirloom tomatoes

While the lamb mince balls are juicy and delicious if you like lamb, and I’m going through a phase of loving all things tomato at present, it was making of the hommus that surprised me the most. It is the easiest dip one can make at home – for just […]

Chewy cashew, LSA and brown sugar cookies

I will happily munch on these chewy, nutty cookies any time of the day. They are a great snack if you crave a 3pm sugar hit or if you’d like to add some nuts and seeds to your diet without looking like you’ve robbed a bird feeder in the process.

Kids meal: real macaroni & cheese, minute steaks, veggies

The following recipe will help you make real mac & cheese with ease. It only takes a few minutes longer to prepare and I’m pleased to say that it passed the taste test with flying colours! You’ll think twice about the “ease” of making the fake packet stuff…

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