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Manna from Heaven Lemon Polenta Cakes

[Rachel Grisewood’s Manna From Heaven] Lemony almond, polenta and coconut cakes are one of my favourite cafe treats. Moist, zesty and topped with a thick drop of lemon icing – who wouldn’t want to be best friends with such tasty little things?

Mini beef Wellington pies, maple greens

They are extremely easy to make, provide for an effective presentation when entertaining and, best of all, they cost less than $6.50 per serve, including the side of veg.

ANZAC biscuits

Get your ANZAC bikkie recipe, while supporting the returning service men and women of Australia. Find out how.

Roasted lamb racks, maple roasted cabbage, carrot mash

This is a great quick and easy lamb meal idea to cook during the week or to entertain friends with maximum effect and minimum effort.

Nigella’s Cupcakes and the Perfect Cupcake Frosting

This recipe is great for kids to make on their own or with a little assistance from grown ups. The result is moist cupcakes with fluffy light icing – perfect!

Minced egg rissoles served in egg shells for Easter

Wonderfully crisp on the outside, fluffy and moist on the inside. They go perfectly well with smoked salmon, crispy bacon or even caviar – a fancy Easter h’ordeuvres.

Fudge and egg liqueur kugelhopf cake for Easter

A delectably moist Easter kugelhopf that’s ‘spiked’ with egg liqueur and dotted with fudge pieces, and so easy to make!

Easter Egg Colouring Tips and Edible Table Decoration Ideas

With Easter only a week away, it’s high time to decorate the house with some beautifully coloured eggs and prepare (edible!) table decorations for the Easter weekend celebrations. You can achieve some amazing patterns and color combinations by using simple food dyes and a few household items or just your […]

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