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Pumpkin Soup with Coconut, Chilli + Garlic Croutons

This pumpkin, coconut and chilli soup is a simple twist on the traditional. The chilli adds a little warmth without being too spicy, while the coconut cream adds a wonderful fragrance to the mix. It’s so good you’ll want to lick the pot clean!

Crispy skin pork belly (to order) with parsnip and swede slaw

I’ve always wondered how restaurants prepare pork belly so quickly from the moment it’s ordered. Now you don’t have to.

Lemongrass and Ginger Tea Poached Pears with “Cheats” Coconut Ice Cream

You can appreciate the combination of lemongrass, ginger and coconut in this Autumn inspired dessert. Topped with no-churn coconut ice cream. Bliss.

Homemade Peking Duck with Mandarin Pancakes

Having tasted the best Peking Duck in the world (in my opinion) at Peking Duck, Private Kitchen in Beijing, I was on the search for perfection. And it was exactly how I remembered and imagined it to be. Epic! The wafer-thin skin was so light and crisp it was more […]

Fish with grilled pineapple, capsicum and lime salsa

Have you ever tried barbecued limes? If not, I thoroughly recommend it! They become so smoky and sweet as their juices caramelise on a sizzling-hot barbecue. Deliciousness.

4 ingredient additive-free raspberry jelly (jell-o)

If you are completely adamant about not having any additives in your jelly, you can very easily make your own using just 4 ingredients.

Grilled field mushroom with feta, egg and rocket

Topped with a fried egg, sunny side up of course, which allows the runny yolk to meander through the rocket and down into the mushroom cup, saucing the lot. Juicy, fragrant and delicious. Perfect for a light breakfast, brunch, dinner or supper.

Spicy Asian Beef with Lime, My Garlic Cucumber Salad

[Kylie Kwong’s It Tastes Better] This roast beef is a great winter dish with a complexity of warm, spicy flavours and the richness of slow-cooked beef. Cooled down with a side of garlicky cucumber salad, of course.

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