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5 of my favourite Mother’s Day online recipe finds

This post is not a reminder about Mother’s Day this Sunday (if you live in Australia or 58 other countries). I’m pretty sure you have all remembered and have got some wonderful things planned for your Mums, Mums in law and Grandmothers for tomorrow. And I’m sure your own kids have got some wonderful things planned for you.

Rather than write a single post for Mother’s Day I have decided to showcase 5 of my current favourite online recipes because there is no one recipe that’s fits all – all Mums are special in their own way. Whether you have a sweet tooth Mum, a savoury Mum, a gluten-free Mum or a Mum who just loves to cook and won’t let you near the kitchen even on her special day – there is something for her too, you just might have to make it in advance.

So, if you are still looking for something scrumptious to cook for your Mum, here are my top 5 Mother’s Day recipe finds from the world wide web. 

1. The sweet tooth Mum – Rainbow doodle cake by Sweetpolita

If you’ve looked on Foodgawker recently, you’ve probably seen the rainbow doodle cake. What a great idea, especially for a big family with lots of kids and grandkids! Doodle your wishes on or let the kids run riot with edible colour markers over the fondant covered cake. If you’re stuck for time, you can go with a simple chocolate cake instead of the full blown rainbow masterpiece.

2. The chocolate biscuit loving Mum – Tim Tam cake by raspberri cupcakes

Another Foodgawker find and an Aussie bloger’s succesful attempt at recreating the biscuit in a giant cake form. If your Mum likes Tim Tams, this might just be the perfect gift for her! Although you might need to remind her what she taught you about sharing…

3. The savoury Mum – Tomato and Marjoram roasted chicken by Pick Yin

Just look at this lovely looking chook. It screams Mother’s Day with the all red tomato-based sauce. And I can already imagine the flavour of the whole roasted garlic cloves. A perfect roast for Mum.

4. The gluten free Mum – Salmon and roasted pepper rice pastry pie by Adventurous me, gluten free

Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner this scrumptious looking salmon and rice pastry pie will definitely satisfy your gluten free Mum’s tastebuds, and better still, it may become one of her favourite new recipes. A gift of a handy new recipe, now that’s thinking!

5. The vegetarian Mum – Cafe style fig and raspberry muffins by Wholesome Cook

I know it’s my own recipe, but these little wholemeal muffins are perfect for a brunch or afternoon tea celebration with your vegetarian Mum. Topped with juicy plump figs, right at the peak of the season. Beautiful.

♥  ♥  ♥

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum, in advance of the traditional Polish celebration on May 26, and to all he other Mums out there.

You are very, very special!

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Petra May 7, 2011 at 10:46 am

Some great ideas here – thanks for including my recipe 🙂

Mez May 7, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I really REALLY want to make that Tim Tam cake!!!


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