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Cauliflower and port soup with blue cheese toast

The soup is spiked with a good amount of 20 year old port and served with fire-toasted blue cheese toasts. Heavenly.

Beef, basil (and chilli) pad se ew

Sticky flat rice noodles with suculent beef strips and fragrant fresh basil leaves. A healthy version of a Thai favourite.

Wholemeal coconut and marmalade [mix and bake] cake

To make, just throw everything together, mix and bake, and you will end up with one of the moistest fluffiest cakes you’ve ever had. Interested yet?

Pork baklava

Crisp flaky filo pastry layered with sticky date pork and nut mixture all smothered in a mandarin-peel infused sugar syrup for that extra zing.

Zesty No-bake Lemon Cheesecakes

Fresh, zingy and deliciously creamy on an almond and biscuit base. And, unlike many ready-made desserts on the market, this one is relatively additive-free.

Wrap and Roll – new hawker-style Vietnamese at Westfield Sydney

The eatery has reinvented the concept of traditional Vietnamese street–stall fare in a comfortable, clean and contemporary restaurant setting at the new Sydney Westfield.

Pea and ham soup with chorizo sticks

Velvety smooth and incredibly moreish with hints of smokiness from the chorizo and paprika and, well, I’ll be honest… It has no ham in it.

Braised lamb shanks with Yorkshire-style puddings

The meat is so tender you don’t even need a knife to cut it and the veggies are rustic and have a nice balance of flavours, somewhere between earthy and sweet. A great new Sunday roast.

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