{Day 1} 5 ingredient strawberry, yoghurt and jelly layered trio

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My thinking cap has been working overtime over the past couple of weeks to come up with some gorgeous yummy recipes for the Royal Selangor 30-day Get Your Jelly On challenge. Today, as Wholesome Cook turns pink, I present you my first jelly creation, inspired by a childhood food memory: the strawberry, yoghurt and jelly trio.

When I was a little girl we used to visit my Grandfather down south during the warm summer months. I remember climbing through to the back of his garden to find some of the juiciest and sweetest berries one could ever imagine. My face would be tickled pink, literally, from the goodness of the fruits found in the thorny wild raspberry bushes. Oh how I loved them!

A small patisserie around the corner from his house used some of the local berries to make a funky blueberry and yoghurt jelly that was layered and set on an angle. Served in curvy glasses and topped with fresh whipped cream they were amazing and full of flavour from the fresh berries. Mum and I would often make replicas of the dessert at home. They always wowed the crowds.

To make the creation more wholesome for the challenge, I used Jalna’s natural vanilla pot set yoghurt and Aeroplane Jelly’s Natural colours and flavours strawberry jelly crystals. It’s a recently released range which is naturally coloured and flavoured and also contains 25% less sugar than other jellies. The acidity of the yoghurt and fresh strawberries works a treat in this funky little dessert.

And of course, I set my creation in the beautiful Royal Selangor jelly mould, which was inspired by mountains “they challenge us to overcome our fears”. I thought the white yoghurt ‘peak’ and the cherry blossom pattern on the plate reflect the concept of the mountain pretty well.

Despite the 5 million clicks one of the participating bloggers has celebrated recently and 7,000 followers of another, this is a challenge for us too, albeit much smaller than the one some women (and men) face when fighting breast cancer, so please show your support by purchasing a mould and buying other Pink Ribbon products.


Don’t forget, each comment on the Royal Selangor Get Your Jelly On challenge posts on my blog (Day 1, Day 2, etc)  is your entry to win an Olympus VG-110 camera. Giveaway is open worldwide! Entries close October 30, midnight AEST. Winner will be announced on the blog on October 31.

Makes a 1 cup serving

Strawberry, yoghurt and jelly trio

A delicious and refreshing layered jelly that is lightly sweet and wholesome. Inspired by the Royal Selangor jelly mould which itself was inspired by a mountain. You will need only 5 ingredients: vanilla yoghurt, fresh strawberries, strawberry jelly, gelatine, boiling water. Split as follows.

For the vanilla yoghurt ‘peak’:

  • 1/3 cup vanilla yoghurt
  • 1/3 tbsp gelatine
  • 2 tbsp boiling water

For the strawberry jelly:

  • 1/4 cup Aeroplane natural strawberry jelly (made according to packet instructions)
  • 3 ripe strawberries (about 1/4 cup diced finely)

For the strawberry yoghurt jelly:

  • 1/3 cup vanilla yoghurt
  • 1/3 tbsp gelatine
  • 2 tbsp boiling water
  • 3 ripe strawberries, pureed (reserve 1 tbsp for serving as coulis)

To fill the mould for diagonal effect: place the jelly mould upside down into short wide openning jar or bowl, so that the mould is laying down on an angle rather than standing upright.

To make the ‘peak’: place gelatine powder into a small bowl and add 2 tbsp of boiling hot water. Mix until dissolved and pour into vanilla yoghurt. Mix well with a spoon.  Pour or spoon into the tip of the mould, making sure you don’t leave any spots or traces around. Wipe the spots clean if you have a mishap.

Place in the fridge and allow to set for about 1 hour.

To make the strawberry jelly: prepare strawberry jelly according to packet instructions, but add 100 – 150ml less water for a recommended 500 – 750ml final quantity respectively. Wash, hull and dice strawberries. Allow jelly to cool down at room temperature while you are waiting for the ‘peak’ to set.

Once the ‘peak’ has set, place the mould into a mug so that it is not standing upright. Pour in 1/4 cup of strawberry jelly over the top and add strawberries.

Place back in the fridge for about 1 hour or until set.

To make the strawberry yoghurt jelly: puree strawberries, reserving about 1 tbsp for decoration later. Strain the remaining puree through a sieve into a small bowl, discarding the seeds. Add vanilla yoghurt and mix to combine.

Place gelatine powder into a small bowl and add 2 tbsp of boiling hot water. Mix until dissolved and pour into strawberry yoghurt. Mix well with a spoon.

Once the strawberry jelly layer is set, pour strawberry yoghurt and gelatine mixture over the top – keep the mould upright.

Place back in the fridge an allow another 2-3 hours to set.

To unmould and serve: place jelly mould into a cup of hot water for a few seconds. You will see the jelly melt around the edges a little – don’t let it melt too much though. If it’s a little stuck, you can run a knife along the edge to help it come out.

Place a plate over the mould, flip the whole thing upside down (down side down – the plate should be on the bottom, the ‘peak’ facing up) and remove the mould.

Serve with a couple of strawberry puree smears and enjoy!

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84 Responses to {Day 1} 5 ingredient strawberry, yoghurt and jelly layered trio

  1. Bec M says:

    Wow! This looks amazing! I would have never thought of making yogurt jelly!

  2. Nicole says:

    Hey Marty! I’m so looking forward to seeing what other creations you come up with! This is addictive and the idea of this jelly mountain is very appealing.

  3. Very nice! I like how you offset the yogurt layer. Pretty.

  4. muppy says:

    It is beautiful! You have done an amazing job and it’s a really great post.

  5. Joanne says:

    WOW. That is one gorgeous and NEAT looking dessert!!

  6. Love contrast of white and red in this one! So eye-catching.

  7. That is simply beautiful!

  8. You definitely rose to the challenge! Looks awesome.

  9. Emily says:

    I picked up a punnet of strawberries at the market today and will be making this for my daughters’ dessert tonight. Fingers crossed it will set. What a wonderful idea.

  10. kezzas says:

    Such a stunning looking dessert – will certainly give it a go! Your inspiration behind it is lovely – I’m hanging out for 30 more days!

  11. rsmacaalay says:

    Eeverything is perfect in this dessert, flavours, texture, colour, and presentation on every angle. So inspiring I hope I can make one exactly like those.

  12. Yum. Just gorgeous! Love the mould. I’m going to get one 🙂 thx for the post xx

  13. babe_kl says:

    This is very creative indeed. All the best in the Jellirific challenge!

  14. terri says:

    wow, beautiful and i’m sure just as delicious! i love how you’ve given details about the recipe in words and photos:)

    it’s fun isn’t it but i wish the weather’s kinder.

  15. Marty that is stunning. I can’t wait for the next 29.

  16. mycookinghut says:

    Looks absolutely pretty!

  17. Beautiful! What a great start for a great cause! 🙂 Btw, did u really eat every single jello u made? LOL

  18. gertrude says:

    Beautiful creation Marthy. Love the virbrant color of red. Good Luck to all of us 🙂

  19. Annette says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! Very inspirational and delicious recipes!

  20. Jun says:

    Oh great job! I love those diagonal lines. Very pretty indeed!

  21. Lois says:

    Beautiful display, and I loved the “clean plate” at the end. Nice.

  22. Vera says:

    Love the coulor contrast,texture and shine.
    Reminds me of Christmas in Europe (snow peak on decorated tree)

  23. Looks fabulous! The way it’s shaped at the top is pretty unique and strawberries are one of our fave fruits to cook with too. Great work!!

  24. Cheah says:

    Gosh, this is wonderful. Like the diagonal effect, reminds me of the court jester hat!

  25. Sharni says:

    Just saw your jello picture on Pinterest! Love the layers, they are gorgeous. And only 5 ingreidents that’s my kid of dessert!

  26. kiki says:

    love the slant and the colours!!! making me salivate!

  27. Amy Orvin says:

    My mom would love something like this.

  28. Would never of thought of making this – thanks for sharing

  29. Robin G says:

    Oh wow, this looks absolutely delicious. I love the design as well. Yum! Strawberries are such a sweet treat!

  30. Lynda Del says:

    Wow! That looks amazing and cool! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Sheila says:

    Mmh, I love strawberries!

  32. Sissi says:

    A beautiful, creative and light dessert! It looks incredible!

  33. Ashley says:

    Wow, I want one!!

  34. Oh lord that looks fantastic.

  35. Hello dear..Im checking out who is the participant of the Royal Selangor contest and I found your link..I was excited to know and find out what will the contestant do with the mould..wallah…not only you guys are so creative!! but your recipes also look delicious!!! Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK!

  36. sara says:

    Now I’m hungry and I just ate…

  37. Nancy Veart says:

    Love the strawberry yoghurt jelly, my grandmother used to make something like this – brings back memories. Your combinations are great!

  38. tensirk says:

    What an nice creation. It looks very inviting and delicious.


  39. What a gorgeous dessert! I love the last picture, too. I’m wondering what I have in my little kitchen that I could substitute for the great mold you have. Or…make it without a mold. Hmmm…I’d like to give it a shot, whatever I decide to do about a mold.

    • Morning:-) thank you for your comment. There are 3 things you could use: a glass, a wine or a small bowl. You could serve the jelly in the glasses or turn it out of the bowl for a half sphere shape!! alternatively you could purchase the mould and support people with breast cancer 🙂

  40. It’s so striking and at the same time, sweetly simple. I love it!

  41. TC says:

    I love strawberries and yogurt. If you want to be more decadent, strawberries+creme fraiche+brown sugar = awesome.

  42. daisy says:

    This is beautiful!

  43. Roxana B says:

    Wow, that looks so good! I just want to reach in and grab a piece.

  44. sarah m says:

    You’re making some BEAUTIFUL desserts!

  45. sarah m says:

    Actually just saw the camera winning link! sweet!

  46. Donna Marie says:

    I have never seen this before. It looks really pretty and tasty. I will have to make it soon. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Seems like quite a difficult proceedure :S

  48. Jamila says:

    So glad I found your blog! This looks amazingly yummy.

  49. jiya says:

    love strawberries looks yummy

  50. Sandy says:

    Very pretty but a little too complicated for me!

  51. Zoe Roberts says:

    Looks like a much healthier, upside down trifle. Always a winner.

  52. oh wow, looks yummy. I love the fun shape

  53. ne-knopka says:

    Looks amazing!love yoghurt

  54. Amber says:

    This looks so cute! Love the layers and the color to it.

  55. Sarah O. says:

    This looks delicious!

  56. Ally says:

    So pretty and it looks SO yummy!

  57. Erica says:

    That’s possibly the most awesome-looking dessert I’ve ever seen. I’m definitely making this!

  58. Mary says:

    Love the colors!

  59. jasmine1485 says:

    How gorgeous! I love the swirl of colour through the middle 🙂 Makes me want simultaneously to dig a spoon in and not touch it to preserve it’s beauty, lol!

  60. This looks really amazing! like from some super trendy restaurant 🙂

  61. Roni says:

    That looks so yummy!
    Gotta try this once the strawberries are back in the stores …

  62. Ming says:

    I love yoghurt & strawberries! And it looks cool!

  63. Diana says:

    wow! luv your molds they’re awesome!!!:D

  64. nj greek says:

    This looks delicious…I love strawberries!

  65. Sharn says:

    This was the first entry I saw of all the foodbloggers and got me hooked immediately! Beautiful job and great photography. I especially love the final shot of the empty plate! hehe



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