{Day 16} Pumpkin and orange ice cream ‘hats’ for Halloween

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I love, love, love my new Cuisinart ice cream maker!!! I’ve always wanted one and now I have one! Keep reading on how you could win one of the Cuisinart ice cream makers valued at A$119 thanks to the lovely folks at Kitchenware Direct

Why do I love it 3x? On top of the fact that in under 20 minutes it churns the most delicious ice cream flavour combinations you can think of, it is pink. And because it is a limited edition pink, and because it is made by Cuisinart, $5 from every maker sold is being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! That’s why!

Now, without any further ado, please allow me to introduce contender number 16 in the Royal Selangor Get Your Jelly On challenge: the chocolate-coated pumpkin and orange sorbet witch’s hats. See a complete list of all my entries for other yummy cone-shaped ideas using the Royal Selangor pewter jelly mould, sales of which support the Breast Cancer Welfare Association in Malaysia.

Back to Halloween. I’ll be honest with you when I say that I have never gotten into the whole Halloween thing…

Growing up in Poland we celebrated All Saints on the 1st of November instead. It was a time of reflection and remembrance of the ones who have passed on. Everyone would head out to local cemetaries throughout the day and evening to tidy up tombstones which have been forgotten or abandonned, and light up candles. One of the cemetaries Mum and I used to go to visit had many celebrities, politicians and other important people buried there, so by nightfall the paths around the most commonly visited stones were  glowing with a sea of flickering candle lights.

I liked getting off the main track though. I looked for sites that didn’t have a single light on them, the forgotten ones with wilted flowers in a tarnished vase and month old leaves covering the names of the people who lay there. To me, lighting that one candle was like sending out a warm smile to the person, saying it’s ok, we remember you. I miss being there around this time sometimes…

And while Halloween is still 2 weeks away and Australians don’t really celebrate it as much as Americans or people in Hong Kong do, we often find themed treats and parties leading up to the 31st October. When I first saw the jelly mould and realised the challenge was taking place so close to Halloween, I knew that I had to make some sort of a themed treat. Straight away I thought of a witch’s hat and since pumpkin is the main “ingredient” of Halloween, pumpkin ice cream had to be it!

Since I am not very aware of Halloween customs, a friend of mine, S, whom I have temporarily promoted to the position of my blog’s Artistic Director, suggested I should turn one of the cute little pumpkins I picked up to use as props into a Jack O’Lantern. So I did – very cute! Thanks S 🙂

Before I share the recipe with you, here are the details of how you can win the beautiful pink Cuisinart ice cream maker thanks to Kitchenware Direct and at the same time enter the Olympus camera giveaway!

Giveaways – now closed

WIN: Cuisinart ice cream maker and/or an Olympus camera

To win the Cuisinart ice cream maker: comment on this post + tell me what ice cream flavour would you make if you won? Bonus entries: 1) share the post on Facebook, 2) retweeet this post on Twitter. 3) like or follow Kitchenware Direct on Facebook or Twitter 4) like or follow Wholesome Cook on Facebook or Twitter – if you do already, bonus entry is yours but you have to leave a comment first! Cuisinart giveaway is open to Australian residents only. Entries close October 30, midnight AEST. Winner(s) will be announced on the blog on October 31.

To win an Olympus VG-110 camera: comment on any of the 30 Royal Selangor Get Your Jelly On challenge posts on my blog  – multiple entries allowed. Camera giveaway is open worldwide! Entries close October 30, midnight AEST. Winner(s) will be announced on the blog on October 31.

Makes 2 ‘hats’ or 2 cups

Pumpkin and orange ice cream ‘hats’ for Halloween

I have used canned pumpkin for this recipe, which I didn’t even know we could get here but I found some at David Jones Food Hall. The flavour is a lot different to our Kent or Japanese pumpkins, and I would thoroughly recommend making your own puree from either of those two types. I used Stevia to sweeten the ice cream as it is much sweeter than cane sugar but has a GI of 1 – can’t go any lower than that!

For the ice cream:

  • 1 cup pumpkin puree (I used canned puree)
  • 2 cups thickened cream
  • 1/4 cup fresh orange juice
  • 1/4 cup Stevia (natural sweetener)
  • 1 tsp gingerbread spice mix
  • Zest of 1/2 an orange

For the shell:

  • Ice magic or any other chocolate coating for ice cream that sets

Prepare your ice cream maker and bowl according to manufacturer’s instructions.

To make the ice cream: combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn the heat off and allow to cool at room temperature before placing in the fridge for another couple of hours. Once chilled, pour the mixture into the ice cream mixing bowl and assemble your unit. Churn for 15 minutes of until the ice cream is frozen and ready.

Spoon ice cream into your cone moulds and place in the freezer to set, cover with plastic film to prevent freezer burn.

To assemble the hats: pour about 2 tablespoons of Ice Magic onto a sheet of grease proof paper and spread to make a circle. Repeat to make one more. Place in the freezer to set.

In the meantime, unmould pumpkin ice cream cones. Remove the chocolate discs from the freezer and turn the cones out onto the middle of the discs. Pour over extra Ice magic to cover the entire ice cream cone and allow to set. Serve immediately.

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108 Responses to {Day 16} Pumpkin and orange ice cream ‘hats’ for Halloween

  1. This is so creative and it could look like a witch’s hat too. Love those little dessert spoons that you have, are they ceramic?

  2. Timothy R says:

    This is fantastic! So simple to make but very effective.
    My favourite flavour to make would be: chocolate cookie dough!

  3. Sharni says:

    Pumpkin ice cream – genius! And yes, I had the same thoughts about the mould too.

  4. rumpydog says:

    I LOVE this time of year because I LOVE pumpkin!

  5. Ally says:

    I think I would try to make caramel apple ice cream.
    …I have no idea how but I could improvise a recipe ^__^

  6. Stefani says:

    i would try to make pecan praline ice cream! so yummy!

  7. Stefani says:

    shared the post on facebook and tagged you & kitchenware direct!

  8. Stefani says:

    liked wholesome cook on facebook!

  9. Stefani says:

    liked kitchenware direct on facebook!

  10. Amber Flavell says:

    Honey Liquour and Almond Icecream would be delicious and my first attempt with a new icecream maker 🙂 great blog btw

  11. KayB says:

    basil and strawberry ice cream. I don’t know where I got that flavour combo from, but it think to would be perfect and fresh for summer BBQs!

  12. Very interesting taste combo, I would of never thought of pumpkin as a flavour to use in ice cream. When you think of it, why not we eat pumpkin pie. Curious, was the pumpkin puree that you purchased the pie filler one?

  13. I’d love to eat this hat! Never thought or nor tried pumpkin ice cream, great idea

  14. Wow, Martyna, look at the gorgeous color on that ice cream! I’m following you on FB + Twitter already, and re-tweeted this post.

    Honestly it’s hard to decide what flavor I’d make – I have about 1,000 stewing in my mind!

    But the one that keeps coming back is an Iranian saffron and rose ice cream I used to eat growing up, when my dad would take me to his favorite kebab place. I’d scarf down my salmon kebabs on dill rice, and pray that the owner’s wife had whipped up one of her batches of saffron ice cream that day.

    Dad would join in on the excitement, grabbing two of the wooden spoons from the counter… we’d sit on the curb outside the restaurant and finish off the little tub before even getting back in the car (our secret from mom, who was sure it’d spoil my appetite for dinner). Such a wonderful memory I have… making that ice cream after all these years would transport me back to being closer to my parents (in the US), not to mention satisfy a serious craving 🙂

  15. Ms_Sharn says:

    Love this! But then I’ve loved the whole “get your jelly on” challenge and your unique approach! 🙂

    Given Xmas is around the corner I think a spiced fruit mince pudding ice cream creation would be in order!! I cam smell the cloves and cinnamon already!

  16. Kasia says:

    Looks yummy! I love it 🙂

  17. Mary says:

    Cute-looking; I bet even better, tasting! 🙂

  18. Georgie says:

    I would make a brûlée flavoured ice cream with toffee shards on top. Loved your idea of pumkin flavoured. I’m sure it was delicious!

  19. Lisa says:

    I would make Argentinian caramel! Not enough ice cream shops sell that flavour.

  20. Hannah says:

    Peanut brittle! I’d make peanut brittle ice cream 🙂

  21. Amy Otis says:

    This looks fantastic! I love pumpkin and ice cream so this seems like the perfect thing for me to try!

  22. Cheah says:

    Ha, ha, this really looks like a witch’s hat. Very innovative!

  23. R. says:

    Wow, I never thought I’d want to try pumpkin flavoured ice-cream, but this looks delicious!

    If I won an ice-cream maker, I think I’d experiment with some floral/herbal flavours – rose, lavender, rosemary, peppermint…

    (This is my first entry; my already-following-you-on-Twitter is my second 😉 )


  24. Ooo I felt so excited to find out that there is another contest attached in this N3 and the prize is pink ice cream makers!!! but when i read the rules and regulations…..oooooo…ooooo 🙁 unfortunately I live in Malaysia) well good luck for the eligible participants!!

  25. Sissi says:

    Your ice-cream cone looks lovely and very Halloween-themed indeed! (Although I’m not a specialist here, I have never celebrated Halloween. It’s still not very popular in Europe although shops and restaurants are very pushy and try to make it as popular and as profitable as Valentine’s day).
    I have never had pumpkin ice-cream, I wonder how it would taste like, especially with orange.

  26. TC says:

    I want to make green tea ice cream. Mmmm, tea…

  27. Mez says:


    I just found this comp… I’ve been out of the blogger loop for a little over a week and look at what happens!!!! I would make a tomato and Tabasco sorbet to be used with white anchovies on top of melba toast. Yaaayayayayaa it’s a dish we had at Movida then Hamish did his version for Christmas last year. We wanted to do it for Christmas this year.. but we don’t have an ice cream maker huhuhuhuhuuuu SO that’s what I would do!!! I’d also probably whip up something sweet like a lychee sorbet infused with mint and ginger or something along those lines.

    I follow you on here, twitter and Facebook.

    Thank you for running this comp!!!!


  28. Roxana B says:

    That looks excellent. I am going to make this and serve it at a Halloween party.

  29. myamanda79 says:

    I have actually been Pricing and researching Cuisinart ice Cream Makers…and this Is much appreciated as I love to make My own Ice cream…and live in a very warm climate..so would be used very often..NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT IT IS PINK….Love Pink..Love Breast Cancer Month…Love and Blessings to everyone..xoxoxo..Jan Judd

  30. jasmine1485 says:

    Yum, what a gorgeous colour!

  31. jasmine1485 says:

    I saw a simple recipe for blueberry icecream the other day on a blog and the natural sweetness, flavour and beautiful colour would be amazing. Of course, from there I’d have to experiment with blackberry, raspberry, strawberry…. 😀

  32. jasmine1485 says:

    I’m a fan of Kitchenware Direct on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

  33. jasmine1485 says:

    I’m a fan of Wholesome Cook on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

  34. Martyna, do you need a taster? I’m available everyday for this challenge! 😉

  35. Julie says:

    Such a cute idea for Halloween! I would go for a mango swirl cheesecake ice cream had that on top of my head for the past few days ;). Already following you on twitter 🙂

  36. I would make pistachio and vodka… no, wait… chocolate and mint, yes… um, no actually Bailey’s Irish cream… oh yeah baby… er, excuse me, sorry, forgot where I was for a moment. Such lovely posts Martyna. Such a great cause. Well done! oxx

  37. muppy says:

    I looooove pumpkin in desserts so this would be a must try if I had an icecream maker – none of my hinting has ever resulted in me getting one for a present!
    But the first ice cream i make would have to be vanilla with caramel swirl and sugar coated pecans….mmmmm…..
    or rhubarb cheesecake icecream…..i could go on forever…..maybe salted caramel….alright i’ll stop!

  38. Mirka says:

    i like my classics, so i would probably try my hand at a nice french vanilla ice cream!! mmm

    thank you for this keep up the great work! 😀

  39. Alex says:

    I would make something pomegranate flavored!!

  40. I am sad we don´t celebrate Halloween here, because these would look very nice on a Halloween table 🙂

  41. I see Halloween and I’m liking it already 😀

  42. Janice says:

    Those pumpkin hats are such a creative idea! Love your carving as well. The colours look so bright, nice touch combining orange with pumpkin. I tend to go the American Thanksgiving way when it comes to pumpkin desserts (adding spice: nutmeg, cinnamon, etc). The first flavour I’d make if I won the Cusiinart ice cream maker would definitely be dulce de leche chip (like an italian straciatella, but with dulce de leche ice cream instead of plain cream) using dark chocolate shavings. Delish.

  43. Crystal says:

    This looks really good, and different from boring treats I’ve seen a million times! I think I’d make peach ice cream!

  44. Maureen says:

    I would love to make a chocolate chip mint.

  45. April Taylor says:

    I would love to win this and make strawberry sorbert.

  46. April Taylor says:

    I follow Wholesome Cook via Twitter


  47. B. Lee says:

    Interesting and beautiful creations all the time. Good luck in the competition.

  48. Oooh, I would make sweet corn ice cream.
    polkaostrich at gmail dot com

  49. sepiabrown says:

    I love this blog!!! Okay, so first things first, I guess subscribed after your challenge began, but I could not for the life of me figure out why all the food you posted was in the same shape. Then I kept searching and searching and finally found out that you were doing the challenge. Seems cool. I don’t think I have the time or know how to follow a 30 day cooking challenge but your recipes inspire me.

    Okay, back to the ice cream maker… Hmmm, I’d probably make an icecream flavored with lychees and chai tea… I would have to find a way to make it with soy milk or some sort of heavy cream… Mmmm… I’m getting happy just thinking about it.


  50. sepiabrown says:

    Crap!!! I just read the rules… Too bad I’m not an Australian resident. I’ll just have to purchase the ice cream maker on my own. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  51. Tera says:

    Delicious! I think I would make almond green tea flavoured ice “cream” Since giving up dairy I miss the freshing quality and I bet almond green tea flavoured would be just perfect 😉

  52. Molly S says:

    My flavor would be some sort of combo of berries and cream/vanilla. YUMMY!

  53. This is absolutely beautiful.

  54. Love lavender icecream. Has some locally sourced from Molong at a special dinner at the Beekeeper’s Inn at Vittoria, and it was divine.

    Loving discovering this lovely food blog via the whole jelly month thing via Billy Law’s first and then the trail lead me here!

    About to share on Facebook too!

  55. Anna W says:

    The ice cream flavour I would make if i won would be baileys flavoured with mars bar chunks

  56. Jasmine says:

    I would make raspberry sorbet! So delicious!

  57. Paul Loxley says:

    Dark chocolate, orange and mint ice cream sounds devine to me.

  58. Wow! Love what you have done with the punpkin ice cream 🙂 What a fabulous prize too! I have always wanted one of these Cuisinart ice cream makers and I love the pink! if I won I would make a blood orange sorbet and a traditional vanilla using fresh vanilla bean pods which I bought back from Bali.
    Great post. Thanks x

  59. thesuzchef says:

    As a lover of all things salty-sweet, I’d try to recreate Messina’s salted caramel and white choc gelato!

  60. At this time of year I can think of nothing else than pumpkin. I wait for it from spring and try to hold on to it as long as I can. I pumpkin everything – soup, cookies, cake, whipped, icecream – pumpkin is the best. So, I’ll be making pumpkin, probably with some of the frozen puree I have.

  61. Liked Kitchenware Direct on facebook – Veronicas Handmade-ForYou


  62. Like Wholesome Cook on Facebook – Veronicas Handmade-ForYou


  63. Orange ice cream would be so refreshing on a hot day like today!
    An ice cream maker would be awesome. I’d give it a go and make a chocolate bacon maple ice cream. I’m not saying it would work but I’d give it a go!
    Love the combination!

  64. I am basic girl. I love Vanilla ice cream but I must say that your pumpkin ice cream is different and could be a nice change.

  65. anne s. says:

    would make cotton candy or birthday cake flavor

  66. Susan says:

    Nice post. I’m dying for an ice cream maker. I’d make brown butter cardamom ice cream.

  67. Brenda says:

    I’d make raspberry ice cream!

  68. Brenda says:

    I am a fan of Kitchenware Direct on Facebook.

  69. Danielle says:

    Hmm, think I’d keep it simple and something with a summer flavour to look forward to – mango and macadamia 🙂

  70. Ming says:

    Cool. I love your photos!

  71. Veronica Greve says:

    These hats look so much more labor intensive than they really are. I would make cherry and fudge ice cream with an ice cream maker.

  72. Michael Rensford says:

    If I won, my favourite to make would be fig with hocky pokey chips (for crunch), with dry dark choc pudding (for texture on your tounge), and buttersctoch snapps for that ‘yeah baby’ flavour explosion. Just awesonme. Cant wait !! 🙂

  73. kaokimura says:

    …and we have a WINNER!!! <3 <3 <3 reading this post made me more excited about the coming holiday 😉

  74. Christine says:

    I’ve never really got into the spirit of Halloween because it seemed so American. But after a trip to Ireland a few years ago, I discovered that it has its origins in ancient Celtic rituals from thousands of years ago. Fascinating.
    Your Halloween treats look so imaginative!
    As for the icecream flavour I would make with the Cuisinart machine – it would have to be strawberry, wouldn’t it? – luscious summer strawberries turned into a deliciously creamy icecream in a pretty shade of pink, in keeping with the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness.

  75. Jen B says:

    Rocky Road!

  76. Lee Lin says:

    I would love to make banana icecream!

  77. PATRICIA says:

    I would make my version of CHERRY GARCIA (with extra cherries and extra chocolate)

  78. Chicco says:

    just can’t live without pumpkins!

  79. Heidi K. says:

    I would start out with my favorite…chocolate!

  80. nj greek says:

    This is cute and a great idea for a Halloween party…

  81. Dana says:

    I would make dark chocolate ice cream with a smooth peanut butter swirl (using Jiffy, U.S. style peanut butter I just got at the new Sydney Costco), just like they make at Baskin Robbins. I’d love to win the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, have been wanting one for two years now, although my wedding dress and my pre-wedding diet are telling me this is a very, very bad idea!

  82. Sharn says:

    Amazing vibrant orange colour! Very Cute 🙂

  83. Schmidty says:

    I would like to make vanilla bean/pecan ice cream!



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