{Day 21} Piña colada semifreddo

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On October 27th Lorna Jane stores across Australia will be helping raise breast cancer awareness and much needed funds for the McGrath Foundation. $5 from the sale of selected LJ inspirational singlets will be donated to the fund as part of the Pink is the new Black campaign.

I mention this because the 21st recipe in the Royal Selangor Get Your Jelly On challenge is inspired by Lorna Jane’s personal favourite, a dairy-free piña colada ice cream which will be featured in her upcoming book, Move Nourish Believe.

But rather than making the ice cream, I have decided to make a piña colada semifreddo, because up until recently I didn’t have an ice cream maker and yet still enjoyed making frozen treats at home the no-churn way.

To intensify the flavours and avoid adding extra sugar or sweeteners, I grilled the pineapple rings and added a dash of dessicated coconut to the mix. Lorna’s own version is based on coconut milk only, and while I stayed true to that in the recipe, I spiked the semifreddowith some Bacardi and Malibu for good measure! After all it’s like a cocktail in a snow-cone for grown ups. Perfect for a palette cleanser at summer barbecue or an after dinner cooler.

Now to help celebrate and support the Pink is The New Black campaign, Lorna Jane has donated a $50 gift voucher as a giveaway! To enter, leave a comment on this post that relates to the recipe and/or the Royal Selangor  jelly mould. Available to Australian residents only and redeemable in store. Entries close midnight, ADST 24 October. Winner announced 25 October – this giveaway is now closed.

Main giveaways:

To win an Olympus VG-110 camera: comment on any of the 30 Royal Selangor Get Your Jelly On challenge posts on my blog – multiple entries allowed. Camera giveaway is open worldwide! Entries close October 30, midnight AEST. Winner(s) will be announced on the blog on October 31.

To win the Cuisinart ice cream maker: enter here.

Makes 1 cone (for 1 or 2 to share)

Grilled pineapple piña colada semifreddo

You could serve it as  agranita if it freezes over too much, or within 2 hours of freezing as a semifreddo (semi forzen), just make sure you mix the sorbet every 30 minutes or so to ensure no ice crystals form on the surface.

For the semifreddo:

  • 3 canned pineapple rings
  • 1/2 cup pineapple juice from can + 1 tbsp extra
  • 1 tbsp corn flour
  • 3 tbsp coconut cream + 1 tbsp extra
  • 1 tsp Malibu
  • 1 tsp Bacardi

To prepare the pineapple: grill pineapple under an oven grill, or for a richer flavour, on a barbecue until just starting to caramelise. Chop up finely.

To prepare the semifreddo: place pineapple juice into a small saucepan, add cornflour mixed in with a little extra pineapple juice and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add grilled pineapple chunks. Leave to cool slightly, then add the rums and coconot cream. Mix well.

Pour into an airtight container and freeze for 2 hours for a semifreddo, or overnight for a shaved granita. Mix every 30 mintes for the first 2 hours to ensure no ice crystals form on the surface.

To serve: once semi frozen, spoon the mixture into the mould, press down gently to compress and turn out into a bowl. Drizzle with extra coconut cream and serve.

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37 Responses to {Day 21} Piña colada semifreddo

  1. Tammy says:

    Yum! Pineapple and coconut milk is such a great combination too. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  2. Nic says:

    This is amazing, once again. So simple yet refreshing and no added sugar!

  3. Sharni says:

    Awesome summer recipe and vegan too. These mould are really fantastic to make something simple look extra ordinary. Looking forward to seeing the book.

  4. Zoie Hickey says:

    Oh yummo! Thanks for the recipe 🙂 Am definetly going to try this!

  5. Now this is the taste of summer! And perfect for this warmer weather we’re finally getting =D

  6. Tracy says:

    Sounds refreshing – a great dish for summer:)

  7. Anne S says:

    Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits and with warmer weather predicted for the weekend, it may just be the treat to try. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Timothy R says:

    I haven’t seen those cocktail umbrellas in ages, they are so retro as is the pineapple dessrt but with the moulding it looks more classy and modern.

  9. Bec says:

    This looks delicious! Will definitely have to give it a try, thanks for sharing! Also love the styling of the photos 🙂

  10. Looks wonderful – very refreshing!

  11. kristi says:

    looks great!!

  12. Love Pina Colada so I know that I will love this!

    I did wonder how big these moulds were! So more for an intimate dinner party unless they’re made over time??

  13. Christine says:

    A – Pina – Colada – what a wonderful idea! It can mean no worries at the end of your day, something that’s satisfying and makes your taste buds dance! Love it! and can’t wait to try it!

  14. Mez says:

    Oh good LORD that sounds so refreshing… and wicked… I love the idea of grilling the Pineapple first. You’re so spot on it really does change the flavor.


  15. Mel says:

    This recipe reminds me of ice cream my aunt used to make. Pineapple crumble flavour. Delicious.

  16. Sarah says:

    I like that the recipe is a no churrn semifreddo version, and the flavours sound great. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh how perfect for summer and this hot weather we are having today! Yum

  18. Sissi says:

    Why choose between a cocktail and a dessert if you can have both? Extraordinary idea! I almost feel it’s Summer.

  19. jasmine1485 says:

    Oh, yum! I always been a big fan of snow cones (and this is basically a fancy upside down one isn’t it?) and the combination of pineapple and coconut. 🙂 I would love to have a giant one of these come summer!

  20. TC says:

    semi-freddo? excellent choice.

  21. Courtney says:

    Take me away to a tropical place, please – and hand me one of those. 🙂

  22. I already am wishing I was on a beach somewhere… this just makes it worse! Thanks a lot. 😉

    Looks amazing and I LOVE that you even gave it one of those little umbrellas!

  23. I naturally drool by looking at this. What a perfect post for Friday~~~!

  24. Whisk me away to a secluded island with white sandy beaches and rolling blue waves ^^ I feel summer coming already! Such a delicious party combination!

  25. kezzas says:

    Looks amazing, sounds delicious and as someone without an ice-cream maker (so far!) I love it!!!! You’re so creative 🙂

  26. This looks quite unusual, in a good way. If I was to complain, I would say there’s way too little alcohol.

  27. The last picture has me craving this cold yummy dessert but it is still only early sunday morning. I guess life is short- eat dessert first. Have a great weekend!

  28. Gabi says:

    MMMMMM- picturing myself sitting on a beach in Hawaii enjoying this tropical delight! This recipe came just in time for the arrival of Sydney’s much awaited warm weather.Bring on the summer desserts 🙂

  29. desiree says:

    YUMMY summer tropical pina colada ….sitting in my back yard dreaming of the beach and swaying in the breeze. Drinking a delicious drink in my itsy bitsy yellow bikini…i can taste the coconut & pineapple melting in my mouth…summer loving

  30. Ming says:

    I live in a tropical country so I’d love to make this. It looks refreshing.

  31. Ally says:

    This looks so good too! (Although it’s rather chilly here today!)

  32. nj greek says:


  33. Sharn says:

    Semifreddo RULES!!



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