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{5 ingredient} Pork in a ginger and shallot broth

Ginger lends a warm and slightly spicy flavour to the broth that goes really well with sweet and juicy pork scotch fillets, my favourite cut for braising.

Fermented Dill Pickle Soup | Zupa Ogórkowa

A direct translation of zupa ogórkowa, the soup’s Polish name, would have you believe this was a simple sweet cucumber soup, but luckily, it’s not. It’s tart, sour and delicious with fremented dill (salt-brined) pickles as a base.

Southern-style Prawns with Grits

[Recipe App Review] Spicy and aromatic comfort food using prawns? Yes m’am, straight from America’s Family Recipes app.

Coffee choc chip ice cream

If you are a serious coffee lover like me, you will appreciate the intense flavours of freshly brewed espresso and ground coffee beans in this delicious yet simple to make ice cream

Yakisoba soba (with chilli octopus)

A sweet, spicy and rich combination of Chinese stir-frying techniques and wholesome Japanese noodles.

Passionfruit, blueberry and yoghurt muffins

Chobani Greek low and non-fat yoghurts make for an exceptionally wholesome muffin ingredient, and tasty too!

Farmer’s (curd) cheese using only 1 ingredient!

All it takes is 1 ingredient, 10 minutes cooking time and a little patience… and that ingredient? Buttermilk!

Baked Beetroot Donuts for Valentine’s Day

Best eaten warm, straight out of the oven, well almost, they will be hot. But if you make a big batch like this, they will also taste great cold, almost like a sweet beetroot bagel or pretzel! Can’t beat that!

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