IQS Chocolate eBook, Allergy Aware Shopping App and Flavours of Spring Recipe App

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Wholesome Cook's Book Club

I Quit Sugar Chocolate eBook by Sarah Wilson 

So, you’ve been thinking of giving up or reducing your sugar consumption, but you just can’t say no to chocolate, right? For many, it’s deal breaker. Well, Sarah knows that The Big Stumbling Block for most of us when we quit sugar is… The Chocolate Issue. Which is why she is publishing the IQS Chocolate eBook and makes it clear from the outset: yes you can have chocolate! But you really have to make your own. Which is far easier than you might think – I know, I’ve made my own chocolate and love it!

Now imagine sugar-free versions of all your chocolate-y favourites: brownies, lamingtons, Ice Magic, chocolate ice cream and so on. Finally they’re all here in the one comprehensive book which will be released later this month. 

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Pre-order your IQS Chocolate eBook Now

Sarah who has been an inspiration to me so much that I have published my own sugar-free eBook, Guilt-Free Desserts, has been kind enough to invite me to contribute a couple of recipes to this latest IQS installment. Alongside Sarah’s own recipes the eBook will also feature recipes from 13 IQS readers and 4 other contributors including: Jemma Gawned, who runs raw food bar and wholesale kitchen Naked Treaties from Byron Bay NSW; Megan Gilmore, a holistic health coach; her blog Detoxinista provides sublime, quick, all-natural recipes; Jules Clancy, who has a degree in Food Science; her blog The Stone Soup specializes in recipes that use five ingredients or less; Anthia Koullouros is a Naturopath, and founder of OVViO Organics: Tea-house, clinic and apothecary in Sydney.

FREE GS1 GoScan Allergy-aware Shopping App

As consumers we now want more information about the products we purchase and the companies who produce them to enable us to make informed choices. I know that my purchase decisions are increasingly influenced by information beyond what is provided on the label. Consumer research has identified particular interest in detailed and accurate product data concerning: nutrition, ingredients, allergens, organic certification and ethical accreditation particularly for consumers who may be Coeliac or Anaphylactic.

The GS1 GoScan app empowers consumers to go beyond the product label by providing detailed, personally tailored and trusted product information through an efficient and convenient iPhone application. There are currently 4,500 products listed in the app with the total of 10,000 to make the app by June 1st. The integrity and reliability of the GS1 GoScan data is unsurpassed, as it is authorised and supplied directly to GS1 Australia by the brand owners of the vast range of food and beverage products sold in Australia. Simply scan the barcode and all the information will be delivered to you instantly.

Read more or download for the iPad or iPhone from the iTunes store

FREE Flavors of Spring Recipe eBook App by Foodie 

Seasonally relevant and beautifully designed, Foodie Recipes App cookbooks are filled with the best recipes from food bloggers and culinary professionals around the world. Each monthly edition presents new recipes curated by Foodie editorial staff to inspire meals for your favorite holidays and occasions.

Foodie Flavors of Spring eBook

The most recent edition, Flavors of Spring (yes, this is a Northern Hemisphere app), features 40 scrumptious recipes inspired by Spring. I am pleased to say that three of my recipes are published in this month’s cookbook.

The Foodie Recipes app is available for the iPad and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

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  1. I haven’t had sugar for 2 weeks but I don’t know how long I can last 🙂