The Wholesome Cook Book

The Wholesome Cook – hardcover book

Refined sugar-free wholefood recipes for the way we eat now. A wholefood kitchen and wellness guide featuring 170+ recipes all with gluten-free options and easily adaptable for many other dietary requirements. Because everyone is different and no single diet fits everyone the same.




10 reasons why you should get a copy:
Innovative approach to nutrition
170+ new recipes plus a handful of blog favourites, all refined sugar-free with gluten-free options.
Many recipes adaptable to other dietary needs including paleo, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, vegetarian and vegan.
More junk food faves made whole: yep, that’s right. Think pizza, indulgent cakes, fish and fries, burgers, milkshakes!
Cook with ease: recipes are easy to follow and suitable for the most basic of cooks.
Additive-free Kitchen: tips for stocking a wholefood pantry, fridge and freezer with a Shopping List
Guides to buying organics on a budget, understanding ingredients lists and nutrition panels, dealing with cravings and fussy eaters
Photography: every recipe is beautifully photographed to get you inspired, because we do eat with our eyes too.
My take on the most common problem foods: sugar, gluten, dairy, legumes, soy and tips for avoiding the worst offenders.
21-Day Elimination Diet Plan to help you find the best foods for your body. 

My Whole Food Philosophy_WholesomeCook_Ebook Cover_Angell

My Whole Food Philosophy eBook

How to make the change from junk food to whole food without giving up your favourites. 29 recipes for transforming classic junk food dishes into nutritious and easy to prepare meals.



($15 or subscribe and pay only $10.50)


6 reasons why you should get a copy:
Junk food faves made whole: yep, that’s right. Think spring rolls, fish and chips, muffins and yes, sugary drinks too!
Cook with ease: recipes are easy to follow and suitable for the most basic of cooks.
Loads of tips: the eBook includes lots of tips and hints for stocking a wholefood pantry and fridge.
Ingredient spotlights: quinoa, buckwheat, yoghurt and more!
Photography: every recipe is beautifully photographed to get you inspired, because we do eat with our eyes too.
My food story: how I came to live the whole food philosophy every day.

Guilt Free Desserts Cover Angell

Guilt-Free Desserts eBook

Covering 36+ vegan gluten-free and processed sugar-free desserts this new 111-page e-book is an essential addition to every health conscious sweet tooth¡¯s library. PLUS it contains extensive guides to gluten-free flours, sugar and sugar substitutes! Guest recipes include delicious creations from such well-known bloggers as I Quit Sugar Cookbook author Sarah Wilson, as well as 6 of my other favourite wholefood bloggers!


($15 or subscribe and pay only $10.50)


7 reasons why you should get a copy:
It is completely vegan, gluten-free and processed sugar-free. All except for one recipe are soy-free, most are free from corn and only some contain nuts, making it one of the most allergy-friendly cookbooks around (perfect for kids parties, large gatherings, etc).
It is in-line with new dietary guidelines: the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) updated dietary guidelines recommendation, advises Australians to limit consumption of added sugar the same way we are advised to limit consumption of alcohol.
For the gluten-free: Guilt-Free Desserts eBook contains an extensive guide to gluten-free flours and flour substitutes. All recipes in the book are both gluten- and wheat-free.
For the sugar-free: Guilt-Free Desserts eBook contains a comprehensive overview of sugars, links to research on the topic and a guide to sugar substitutes, including their fructose content.
Easy to follow: Recipes are easy to follow and each is beautifully photographed to get you inspired.
Resources section: The resources section contains tips on where to look for some of the more specific ingredients. Plus there is a special 50% off discount code on my first e-cookbook, My Whole Food Philosophy.
Guest recipes: introducing recipes from seven of my favourite whole food bloggers, for more healthy delicious inspiration!

Quick and Healthy Smoothies Wholesome Cook

Quick and Healthy Smoothies

Covering over 40 smoothie recipes this eBook features some clever and delicious ways to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. PLUS guest recipes and whole lot of nutritious smoothie tips from my favourite bloggers, nutritionists, readers and more!




($15 or subscribe and pay only $10.50)


6 reasons why you should get a copy:
60+ pages covering 40+ whole fruit and veg nutrient-dense recipes: up and go breakfasts, nutritious pre- and post- workout smoothies, desserts, drinks and those tasty green detox ones. Even cocktails!
Plenty of budget-friendly tips: for buying, prepping and storing wholesome smoothie ingredients.
Ingredient spotlights: superfoods, why choosing filtered water is better, why coconut water is a good choice, anti-inflammatory fruit, veg and spices, and more.
Allergy-aware: no soy, no eggs, no wheat, no juices. Most recipes come with vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free options.
Low sugar: no added sugar, no excessive use of bananas, dates or other natural sweeteners 
What people are saying: “Getting more whole greens and probiotic goodness into our daily diet has never been easier.” “Kids love these smoothies, even with hidden fruit and veg they wouldn’t normally eat.” “No reason to skip breakfast: most recipes take less than a minute to make and you can take them along with you!”