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About the Book

Refined sugar-free wholefood recipes for how we eat now

The philosophy underpinning this book is not a radical one: teaching you how to ditch processed, fake foods in favour of eating more vegetables, fruit, as well as fish from sustainable sources and pasture-raised meat if you so prefer — a thinking which is in line with many popular clean eating diets. All recipes are or can be made gluten-free using simple ingredient substitutions provided. You can adapt many to dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and Paleo lifestyles. Why?

Because we are all different

Where the book does differ, perhaps from the ones you’ve seen before, is in the belief that no single diet fits everyone the same — we are all different and what works for you, may not necessarily work for someone else. It is this idea of bioindividuality that will empower you to eat the food that is right for you.



What’s in the book?

The Wholesome Cook cookbook is not a diet book or an eat-that-but-not-this book. It’s all about making a lifestyle change for the long term that suits you; it focuses on eating clean, real food that’s best for you – most of the time. I call it the 90/10 rule. Others would call it the 70/30 rule. You get the idea, right?



“The modern way to eat… life-changing”

Hetty McKinnon, author, Community

‘The real food movement … will benefit from Martyna’s family-friendly, sensible and outright delicious contribution…”

Sarah Wilson, author, I Quit Sugar

‘Supremely beautiful to look at but also extremely tasty and adaptable for many different diet styles.’

Lee Holmes, author, Supercharged Foods series


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The Wholesome Cook book is the go-to guide for anyone pursuing a creative approach to food and a healthy balanced lifestyle.


180 recipes170 brand new plus a handful of favourites from the blog
ALL recipesCome with a gluten-free option.
Are refined sugar-free, many are also other sweetener-free. Many are low fructose and fructose-free.
Come with dietary annotations and various options.
Dietary options Are provided in many recipes for egg-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and FODMAP lifestyles.
Focus on real food:Sourdough starters and bread, dumpling pastry, additive-free spice mixes, real food dressings and condiments, stock and mindful stock paste, fermented foods plus 30-minute meals, junk food makeovers, nourishing soups, indulgent cakes, cookies, ice cream and more.
How to guidesLearn how to make the change from fake food to real food, hot to read nutrition panels and read ingredients lists. Find out what tricks manufacturers use to hide food facts from you. Learn how to eat the best food for your body and detox your fridge and pantry. Plus find tips for buying organics on a budget, minimising food waste and dealing with fussy eaters.
Shopping ListOutlining my favourite brands and things to look for when stocking a whole food kitchen
21-Day Elimination Diet Meal PlanTo help you get started on the way to find the best food for your body.
352 pagesBeautifully styled, designed and illustrated.
FormatHardcover with bookmarking ribbon.



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