Wedding Mojitos and Wholesome Cook’s New Look

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Last weekend was magical. Romantic. And very, very special as we exchanged our wedding vows before our closest family and friends in tropical Port Douglas. Today, my dear readers, I am going to share some of the moments-in-time from our special day with you and plus a recipe for a tasty alcohol-free mojito from our reception.

For those of you wondering, yes, I will be changing my name – in fact Wholesome Cook’s brand new look reflects this already! There are a few things still being ironed out as we speak, but I’d like to hear what do you think?

Matt Martyna | corneandlara

It’s such a cliché but I am going to say it anyway: our wedding day could not have been made more beautiful nor special. We felt truly blessed by the 21 of our closest family and friends who gathered at St Mary’s by The Sea in Port Douglas to witness our becoming husband and wife. We made sure to pause often and let every moment sink in.  I had decided to let it all go on the day, relinquish all control and not stress about matters beyond my control… We were there as one, and our loved ones were there with us. Nothing else, no matter how big or small a distraction, would take that away from us.

I might have instagrammed a little something or other but for the most part having the phone off, meant the pleasure of enjoying the day to its fullest was all ours. Besides we had another, gorgeous I might add, husband and wife team attending our special day as the event photographers; Corne and Lara flew in especially from the Gold Coast to capture the most beautiful of our days’ memories.

Matt Martyna | corneandlara

The service at Zinc, our late lunch reception venue, was outstanding, not to mention the food which has prepared with the greatest care and catered for a wide range of tastes and allergies too!  The restaurant’s attention to detail was closely matched by Candace and Tamika from Floral Edge who put together the most beautiful bridal bouquets and cute vintage bottle centrepieces for our day. Our fabulous gluten- dairy- and low sugar wedding cake and cupcakes were made by the lovely Roberta Dana from Port Douglas Cupcake Cafe. After her husband was diagnosed with those intolerances and diabetes, she began offering allergy-friendly and low sugar cakes for weddings too. No wonder she was my first and only choice when it came to our cake!

The children, including three of our pastors’ boys had a ball too. Their table featured theme-coloured Lego pieces in a big bowl, a Polaroid I Spy game, touchable bubble mixture, and like any decent kids’ party, some fabulous activity packs. It kept the little ones busy and having fun.

Matt Martyna | corneandlara

As for the virgin Mojiotos, they were a welcome refreshment on our arrival at Zinc. We chose them because the standard version is our favourite drink and we share many good memories of the drink the world over. I thought I’d share the recipe with you too. Cheers!

Hope you like the new name and Wholesome Cook’s look too?

Wedding Mojitos
Recipe type: Drinks
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
This virgin (alcohol-free mojito is a refreshing drink any time of the day). Feel free to add a splash of passionfruit pulp or strawberry juice to the mix too. You will need a jar or cocktail shaker and two tall glasses and straws to serve. Work one at a time if your shaker is small.
  • 1 lime, cut into small wedges
  • ½ tablespoon natvia (or sugar)
  • 2 cups crushed ice
  • 1 cup plain water
  • large handful of mint leaves
  • soda water to top
  1. Squeeze limes into the shaker, placing the whole wedges into the shaker as well. Add natvia or sugar and stir. Add mint, ice and water. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds or so.
  2. Pour contents into a tall glass and top with soda water. Add a straw and sip to enjoy.





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15 Responses to Wedding Mojitos and Wholesome Cook’s New Look

  1. Congratulations on your wedding day Martyna! You look absolutely stunning 🙂 And your wedding reception looks so lovely! I love the sound of these virgin mojitos as well. I’m getting married in less than two months and we’re having an alcohol free reception so this recipe is perfect – thank you for sharing!

  2. Maria Montana says:

    Marty you look SO AMAZING!!!!! And Matt looks so handsome! It looks like such a beautiful day. I cant wait to hear all about it xxx I love the new name and the website transformation!

  3. jesusan says:

    Martyna, congratulations on your marriage, and on the new look for your blog. Your story reminds me of my wedding day just over 5 years ago. It was small and very casual, and we had enough time to remember all the details. That’s a much better way to go, because it’s really nice to remember your wedding day, rather than have it be a blur. I wish you many happy years of marriage and a beautiful, healthy family if you have children.

  4. Christen says:

    So Beautiful!!! Sounds like the most wonderful day! Love Christen xx

  5. Amanda O'Neill says:

    *tears* you are a stunning bride Martyand Angell has a classy ring to it. So happy and proud of both of you. Special times xxx

  6. Martyna, I LOVE the new look! The “old” look was nice, but this new style’s real classy. When I was submitting ideas to my website designer, I really wanted to go with a similar style… Alas, I couldn’t get that style to fit with my other “branding”. But for you… it is perfect! And congrats to the newlyweds <3

  7. Tessa says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  8. Eha says:

    Thank you so much for sharing a little of your happiness with us! You could not have chosena more beautiful place in Australia for a really romantic wedding and your beautiful wedding photo attests to your gentle flow of happiness. Hope you will be blessed all your days . . . Quite few food bloggers seem to be changing the appearance of their blogs. To my way of thinking, some with more, some with less success. Yes, I honestly do like your ‘new look’. Everything available is very clearly set out: very easy to move around. More than that: I have always had to wait ‘forever’ for your post to appear: today it loaded superfast . . . thank you and again all the best!

  9. Gaby says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like it was indeed a perfect day.

  10. Katie B says:

    Oh congratulations Martyna you look absolutely radiant. 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that your wedding day turned out beautifully. Isn’t it great to feel that weight of planning leave you behind as well? *hugs* Enjoy the many happy years to come

  11. Looks like a spectacular day – and loving the photo of the two of you. So delighted to hear you took the opportunity to stop and enjoy it along the way.

  12. Congratulations – everything looks absolutely beautiful x

  13. Cheryl says:

    Congratulations on your wedding! Love the new look on the website too but would love a search function, so that if I vaguely recall seeing a recipe for a dinner that had beetroot in it (for example) I could just search for beetroot rather than scrolling through page after page of recipes to try to find it.

  14. vegeTARAian says:

    Congrats Martyna, you are absolutely stunning! So glad you had a wonderful day. Loving the new look of the blog too 😉



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