Almond Milk Panna Cotta with Blood Orange (or Raspberries)

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As the weather warmed up briefly, I whipped up a few cups of this creamy and lightly sweet panna cotta to go with a haul of market fresh blood oranges. Raspberries were served as an option, you know, in case I kept the blood orange slices all to myself. I almost did. 

Almond Milk Panna Cotta

Every year, toward the end of August, I can hardly contain my excitement. Yes, it is around the time of our wedding anniversary and I am grateful for the marriage Matt and I have been blessed with.  But as we all know, relationships are never that simple. They are a work in progress forever, otherwise they can become fragile and frail. Our plan is to continue to be supportive, honest and happy.

All ’round good, you might say. Just like blood oranges.

Almond Milk Panna Cotta Paleo Dairy-free Sugar-free

I utterly adore them. All dressed in breathtaking hues of orange, crimson and red, their flavour is citrusy and sweet with just a hint of lip-puckering tartness. They peel well and make fantastic juices (I blend mine in their entirely with some water). They also go perfectly well in cold cheesecakes, which got me thinking and a non-dairy variant of sorts on this particular dessert.

A few weeks ago I received a special care package from the good folks at Pure Harvest – you probably know them best for their fructose-free rice syrup. If you are gluten-free you most likely have heard of them because of their organic tamari which has been in my fridge ever since I’ve decided to change from wheat-containing soy sauce. But they also make fantastic non-dairy milks.

Almond Milk Panna Cotta Paleo Dairy-free Sugar-free

I’ve been looking for a good  quality cupboard almond milk for a while, because it’s always handy in a household where milk – dairy and otherwise, is consumed quite a bit.  There’s nothing worse than having to break your morning routine to run up the road, in the cold, for more of the stuff. Basically, I was after a long-life non-dairy equivalent of the UHT dairy-milk. The reason I turned to a dairy-free alternative is because too much fresh dairy makes me break out in pimples! Here’s a different way for a slight intolerance to fresh dairy-overdose to manifest itself. Sigh.

Almond Milk Panna Cotta Paleo Dairy-free Sugar-free

The Pureharvest Organic Activated Almond Milk ticked all the right boxes. It was sweetened with fructose-free rice syrup. Tick. It was free from carrageenan (a seaweed extract that helps emulsify and thicken non-dairy milks but has been linked to autoimmune disesease). Tick.  It could be stored in the cupboard for months. Tick.

Almond Milk Panna Cotta Paleo Dairy-free Sugar-free

Despite my best intentions. it did not last long there either. As the weather warmed up on the weekend, I whipped up a few cups of this creamy and ever so lightly sweet panna cotta to go with a fresh haul of market fresh blood oranges and a couple of eggs for extra nutrition. Raspberries were served as an option, and in case kept the blood orange slices all to myself. I almost did. Leftover almond milk provided much needed comfort in copius amounts of chai we drank as the weather turned.

Almond Milk Panna Cotta Paleo Dairy-free Sugar-free


Now that I think about it… blood oranges are probably my favourite fruit and they, together with our wedding anniversary, are what gets me excited, every year, toward the end of August.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for a Pure Harvest Goodie Box giveaway in September!

Almond Milk Panna Cotta Paleo Dairy-free Sugar-free

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Almond Milk Panna Cotta with Blood Orange or Raspberries
Recipe type: Dessert, panna cotta, dairy-free, low fructose, sugar-free, gluten-free, Paleo
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Now, because the fat content of these is much lower than in regular cream and milk panna cotta, the result is more like a soft jelly. It is still very lovely and moreish. If you'd prefer more flavour, try steeping a chai tea bag in the warm almond milk. While I used rice syrup in the recipe, you could use the same amount or slightly less that of honey. Serve in cups with blood orange chunks, or macerated berries, or turn out into serving bowls or plates.
  • 2 cups well-strained almond milk (I used Pure Harvest long-life Organic Almond milk)
  • ⅛ cup rice syrup (or slightly less that of raw honey)
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla powder or vanilla bean paste
  • 21/2 teaspoons gelatin powder (I used grass fed Great Lakes gelatin)
  • 2 free-rage organic eggs
To serve, as you prefer:
  • 1-2 blood oranges, peeled and sliced finely OR
  • ½ cup raspberries or blueberries
  1. Place almond milk, rice syrup (or honey) and vanilla in a small saucepan. Heat over medium heat until warm. Add gelatin, mix until dissolved and remove saucepan from heat. Place eggs in a bowl and whisk until pale and fluffy. Add warm almond milk mixture and whisk to combine.
  2. Divide mixture between 4 serving bowls or tea cups and place in the fridge for around 4 hours or until set.
  3. To serve, top the panna cotta with fruit inside the cups, or turn it out onto serving plates and top with fruit then.


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16 Responses to Almond Milk Panna Cotta with Blood Orange (or Raspberries)

  1. Angela says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks so good. And with blood oranges, my favourite too. Happy Anniverasry 🙂

  2. Lizzy says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up on Pure Harvest almod milk. Sounds like a great pantry staple. Have a lovely day.

  3. So delicious Martyna!! I was only saying to my husband the other night that I had a craving for Panna Cotta (but obviously couldn’t fulfill it…) This is definitely going to be a weekend dessert creation! Thanks for another wonderful recipe I get to enjoy! x

  4. Rosemary says:

    Hello Martyna thank you for this lovely recipe I have never uses almond milk will try this as dessert this weekend


  5. Teffy Perk says:

    Amazing! I’ve been looking for a good alternative panna cotta recipe for ages!
    Do you think I can achieve the same results using agar agar in place of gelatine?

    {Teffy’s Perks} X
    Teffy Perk recently posted..Heirloom Tomato and Hummus on a Cauliflower Crust PizzaMy Profile

  6. How gorgeous Martyna! I’ve shared this with my blood orange grower friend!
    Lizzy (Good Things) recently posted..On eggs and a souffle omeletteMy Profile

  7. Nice photos… I like the way it look. seems really great.
    Lucas Wisdome recently posted..Famous Restaurants in BenallaMy Profile

  8. Oh yum!
    Looking forward to making this stat!

  9. Gaby says:

    Sounds delicious and a great way to get good nutrients (from the egg yolks and gelatin) in the form of dessert.
    Gaby recently posted..Review: Kitchen Green (Eveleigh Markets, Darlington)My Profile

  10. Trish says:

    Blood oranges make me cry with tears of joy. TEARS I tell you.
    T x

  11. Love that chai-like color. I’m just wondering how you unmolded it so well!

  12. Sewa says:

    Do the eggs cook while in the mixture? I’m not a fan of raw or semi raw eggs.



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