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A truth or two about preservatives (numbered in 200s)

Engineered (yes, in a lab!) to prolong shelf life of many foods, preservatives are linked to asthma and can be found in soft drinks, processed meats, chips, butter and margarines, dried fruits, wine and ice cream. In drinks a combination of sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate (212) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C, both naturally occurring and the additive 300) can result in the formation of benzene, a known carcinogen (Choice).   Overconsumption of cordials, juices and soft drinks can lead to excessive intake of these preservatives.

Avoid: sorbic acid, potassium & calcium sorbates (200-203), benzoic acid, sodium, potassium & calcium benzoates (210-213), sulphur dioxide, all sulphites, bisulphites, metabisulphites (220-228), propionic acid, sodium, potassium & calcium propionates (208-283)

Instead: read product labels thoroughly and if you can choose a product not containing any of these, you should do so.

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