Zesty No-bake Lemon Cheesecakes

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This may come to you as a surprise, but more often than not I’m dreading the question of what’s for dessert. Mainly because I’m not a big dinner eater and the thought of ingesting more food after what I consider a late meal already, makes me feel fuller than I already am.

But, I’m fortunate enough to live with at least one person who loves an “after dinner mint”, so recently I’ve embarked on a mission of satisfying the household’s after dinner sweet tooth despite my own inhibitions. I needed something quick, relatively low in sugar – who needs that at 8 o’clock at night, and citrusy to cleanse the palate from the meal before.

What could be better than a no-bake lemon cheesecake?! And, unlike many ready-made desserts on the market, this one is pretty much additive-free.

Fresh, zingy and deliciously creamy on an almond biscuit base. I think I’ve found my own “after dinner mint”.

Makes 4

Zesty no-bake lemon cheesecakes

I used Tucker’s Natural Vanilla crackers from their Dessert range because they are completely additive-free (and you can win some here) but feel free to substitute them for any wheaten or plain biscuits.


  • 50g plain biscuits
  • 1 tbsp almond meal
  • 30g butter

Cheesecake mixture

  • 250g cream cheese
  • 200ml fresh cream
  • 4 heaped tbsp lemon curd
  • 1/2 cup icing sugar
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • zest of 1 lemon, 1/2 tsp reserved for decoration
  • 1/4 cup boiling water
  • 1 tsp powdered gelatine

Base: place biscuits in a food processor and blend until you get fine crumbs, add almond meal. Melt butter, add to the mixture. Mix with a spoon until combined. Divide mixture between 4 ramekins, pressing down with a spoon to make an even base. Set aside.

Cheesecake mixture: place cream cheese in a large bowl, add lemon juice and zest. Whisk until the mixture is combined. In another bowl combine fresh cream and icing sugar and whip until soft peaks form – do not overbeat, you want a fluffy but slightly runny consistency. Dissolve gelatine in 1/4 cup boiling water.

Whisk together cream mixture with gelatine, then fold in the cream until the mixture is smooth. 

Assembly: spoon a tablespoon of lemon curd over the biscuit base in each ramekin. Top with cheesecake mixture and sprinkle with extra lemon zest. Allow to set in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving. Cover any leftover cheesecakes with cling wrap to save for another day.

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26 Responses to Zesty No-bake Lemon Cheesecakes

  1. Brilliant!! I cannot wait to try this – you’re a star! It looks amazing…
    Heidi xo

  2. Chanel says:

    I’ve never tried a no-bake cheesecake but your photos are gorgeous. They look so light and fresh, I definitely want to give this a go 🙂

  3. 1litchick says:

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Mez says:

    I’ve bookmarked these!!! Might whip them up and take them into work for a birthday afternoon tea next week! they look so pretty in the jars too. xox

  5. Gaby says:

    Beautiful cheesecakes 🙂 I think they’d be the perfect dessert in summer or spring but still good in winter.

  6. Great presentation, and such an easy dessert.

  7. Miss Piggy says:

    Looks really fresh & lovely – and your photos are STUNNING! Beautiful looking post.

  8. JasmyneTea says:

    Normally not a fan of cheesecake because of how heavy and cloying they can be, but this one looks delicious and light! Definitely going to give it a go.

  9. Those do look wonderful and I love desserts you don’t have to cook in the summer.

  10. Dolly says:

    that looks awesome. it sorta looks like a lemon mergue.. or at least he one i bought for my bf.

  11. How did you know I was looking for this exact recipe?? LOL I want to pipe it in the top of a strawberry. Wish me luck. 🙂

    This looks so good and I’ve had dinner (and dessert) already!

  12. Lovely recipe. I’ve saved it for later use! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sounds very light and refreshing, the prefect way to finish a meal without feeling like you’ve overindulged.

  14. Candace says:

    We love anything lemon around here and your cheesecakes look perfect. Light and refreshing and such a beautiful presentation! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  15. Mrs R Tait "Hillstead" GARAH says:

    Am keen to give your vanilla biscuits a crack They would make the already perfect recipe even better!



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