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Thai Pork Rissoles from HelloFresh

It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of Thai flavours. These pork rissoles by HelloFresh are no exception. The bonus here, of course, is that they are homemade and bursting with beautiful flavours of fresh lemongrass, ginger and chilli.

I’ve had A LOT on my plate of late – renovation, house move and juggling work all the while running around after a cute little toddler, so doing the groceries has sometimes been a haphazard task. I’m sure if you’re a busy parent, a shift worker or even a busy singleton you can relate, sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day to think up a menu plan and then go shopping…

Admittedly there’s been days when I’d realised it was 5pm and I had very little idea of what to make for dinner and not much to make it with. Having a box of groceries all measured out for each meal and delivered straight to my door has been a dinnertime life saver during those busy times.

I love the fact that this way you still get to cook the food and serve it the way you like it – I’ve been adjusting the chilli down for my Mum and Mia, and adding extra to mine (with the weather getting colder it’s nice to get a little of a spice kick to warm things up). Unlike takeaway and ready-made meals you also know exactly what’s in it.

I’ve enjoyed a number of HelloFresh dishes including a mushroom pasta and homemade tacos – all taking no longer than 30 minutes to make, but I think these pork rissoles have been my favourite.

I love their versatility in that they can be served as a main meal with salad and rice or chopped up into a salad made with the same ingredients, which is a nice little hack if you end up getting the box for 4 or 6, leftovers can make for a tasty lunch the next day.

You can get the Pork Rissole recipe here and find out more about the HelloFresh food box delivery to your area here, taking the guesswork and grocery shopping out of a few mid-week meals is really worth it.

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