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5 Simple Ways to Get More Veggies and Fruit into Your Diet

Whether you’d like to increase your own fruit and veg intake, or are dealing with fussy eaters, here are some tips for including more veggies and fruit into your daily routine. Share your tips in comments below. 

5 Simple Ways to Get More Veggies and Fruit into Your Diet_

Throw some into your smoothies

VEG: Fennel, cucumber, avodaco (technically a fruit), beets and celery are great in smoothies. You can also add steamed (and frozen) sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin chunks to the mix – don’t forget to add a little fat to the blend to get the most benefit from the vitamin A in orange veggies. FRUIT: it goes without explanation that a whole manner of fruit can go into smoothies. For better mouthfeel when blending citrus, peel and freeze them first.

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Veggieful and fruity breakfasts

VEG: I tend to make a big point of starting the day in the green when it comes to veggies. Even when indulging in a big breakfasts at times, I love to add stir-fried zucchini or green beans, steamed spinach, grilled tomato (okay, also technically a fruit) and mushrooms (technically a funghi). FRUIT: pineapples are a great addition bacon or ham and cheese numbers, while creamy oat porridge makes a fabulous vessel for fruit.

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VEG: That’s a no-brainer. Pre-roast different coloured veggies such as pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot for some added variety. Blanched peas and green beans are also fabulous in salads. As are olives. If you like to include lettuce in your base, go with cos (romaine), rocket or mixed leaves as they are more nutritious than iceberg. I also use cos leaves for dishes such as Sang Choy Bao. FRUIT: Stonefruit and berries, for example, go well in salads as well – think nectarines, cherries and peaches, pomegranate seeds, strawberries. Grapes and pineapples also!

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Sandwiches & wraps

VEG: Some of our favourite sandwich fillings include greens that won’t make the sandwich go super-soggy by lunchtime. Baby spinach, cos (romaine) lettuce leaves, cucumber slices as well as avocado, mashed sweet potato and grilled zucchini and eggplant slices are fantastic fillings if you love a sandwich. Sauerkraut is also great and is the famous ingredient in the Reuben sandwich. FRUIT: pineapples are a great addition bacon or ham and cheese toasties. Stewed stonefruit makes a delicious relish which goes well with Christmas Ham or roasts.

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Sauces and stews

VEG: Now you don’t necessarily need to have pasta to enjoy the added benefit of a veggie-ful sauce. It goes well with rissoles, roast meats and as a sauce for casseroles (yup, more veggies). Carrots, fennel, onion, capsicum, zucchini, celery and broccoli are some of the staples I always add to sauces before blending. Fussy eaters are none-the-wiser. FRUIT: Apricots are a popular addition to chicken dishes, pineapples and mangoes are wonderful in curries. Whole apples can be roasted alongside chicken or pork.

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