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Mother's Day

9 Easy Recipes for Mother’s Day

To help plan your own Mother’s Day lunch menu I thought I’d gather around and share with you some of my favourite allergy-friendly recipes to try this Mother’s Day too. There is something here for everyone!

This year’s Mother’s Day will be quite super special for me because Mijka is now at an age where she understands celebrations like this. She understands I’m her Mummy (and tells anyone who will listen). She understands the power of a warm hug from Mum, a loving kiss that makes everything better. She is so caring, such a great sharer and an utmost attentive host. I’m sure we will be drinking copious amounts of pretend tea and eating more cake than we should be.

Which brings me to the 9 Easy Recipes to help make every Mother’s Day special.

1. For a Mum who eats plant-based

Beetroot and Fennel Risotto

This gorgeously crimson risotto combines the sweetness of caramelised fennel and the earthy flavours of beets in one satisfying dish. It’s gluten-free and can be made dairy-free and vegan as well.

Beetroot and Fennel Risotto Nourish Magazine

2. For a Mum who loves a breakfast in bed

Wonky Vegetable Fritters

Try this recipe if your Mum likes her breakfast in bed and is a bit like my Mum – doesn’t want anything going to waste. If you are feeling particularly adventurous and giving, and let’s be honest this is the time to do so, add a runny-yolk poached egg.


3. For a Mum who loves a good dip

Salmon and Lemon Myrtle Cream Cheese Platter

Because let’s face it, cream cheese and salmon are simply a winning combo and don’t they look special served just like this? It’s a bit Scandinavian-inspired – you’d find this sort of spread covering many Smorrebrod sandwiches in Denmark, you know, the capital of modern cuisine. Served with an Australian native Lemon Myrtle twist.

Salmon and Cream Cheese Platter

4. For a Mum who loves a classic roast chook with a twist

Lemongrass Roasted Chicken

A roasted chicken that’s juicy, tender and beautifully fragrant with South East Asian flavours of lemongrass, chilli and lime. It seems some of my fondest food memories are those of eating Mum’s roasted chicken with my bare little hands as a child…

Lemongrass Roasted Chicken

5. For a Mum who loves apples

Spelt Apple Charlotte

If your Mum loves her Autumn fruit then this low-ish sugar and dairy-free crumble slice might just be the thing to make for her this coming Sunday. It freezes well, too so leftovers can be enjoyed as a nice winter night’s pudding.

6. For a Mum who likes classic French comfort food

Beef Bourgignon

Beef Bourguignon is a French beef and red wine stew dotted with carrots, eschalots and, of course, champignons! Classic comfort food perfect for dinner on Mother’s Day.

7. For a Mum who loves strawberries and cream cakes

Strawberry Mousse Cloud Layer Cake

I called it the Strawberry Mousse Cloud Layer Cake, because strawberry and lime mousse sandwiched in between a gluten-free sponge, covered with a vanilla bean whipped cream and rose petals can only have one name, right?

Gluten-free Strawberry Mousse Cloud Layer Cake

8. For a Mum who loves tacos

Spicy Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

If your Mum loves a good taco then these pork, pineapple and avocado morsels of deliciousness could just make her day. You can enjoy the afternoon outdoors and cook the pork on the barbecue which will give it a nice hit of flavour.

Spicy Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

9. For a Mum who loves chocolate and coffee but can’t have gluten

Flourless Coffee Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

Last but not least this recipe will be a definite winner if your Mum loves her coffee and chocolate. Raspberries add a nice little burst of flavour to this flourless gluten-free brownie.

Flourless Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Brownie (2)

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