Introducing… My Whole Food Philosophy eBook

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Many of you have asked for it and now the day has finally arrived! I am super excited to be launching Wholesome Cook’s first eBook: My Whole Food Philosophy! And to celebrate I am hosting the biggest Wholesome Cook giveaway yet! You could win an iPad3… This giveaway is now closed but you can still get my book for only $15 in PDF, or even less if you subscribe to the newsletter.

My Whole Food Philosophy _MartynaAgell_WholesomeCook_COVER


The title speaks for itself, but I thought I’d give you a little run down of what you’ll find on the pages:
  • 27 recipes for transforming classic junk food dishes into nutritious meals. Think spring rolls, fish and chips, muffins and yes, sugary drinks too!
  • Easy to follow format that accounts for most common food allergies, and focuses on low additive and mostly low effort cooking.
  • Tips and hints on stocking a wholefood pantry and fridge.
  • Ingredient spotlights: quinoa, buckwheat, yoghurt and more!
  • My whole food story: how I came to live the whole food philosophy every day.
Recipe from the cover:

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($15 or subscribe and save)


1) You MUST download a copy of MY WHOLE FOOD PHILOSOPHY (free or paid). 2) You MUST register your download via the table below. 3) Bonus entries available below. 4) Entries close midnight 30 August 2012 EST (2:30pm 31 August Sydney time). 5) Winner will be announced in a post on Monday, 3 September. 6) The prize consists of one iPad3 16GB wifi and postage. 7) Competition is open WORLDWIDE.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy the book, leave feedback via email and good luck!

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169 Responses to Introducing… My Whole Food Philosophy eBook

  1. Martyna, congratulations! What a huge job you’ve done and this giveaway is huge! Good luck with it!

    Gorgeous photos and delicious recipes in that book! I looked! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Martyna, what an accomplishment! Can’t wait to check out the book and cook my way through it. You know we’re passionate about whole foods in this house, so I have no doubt your suggestions and recipes will be as beautiful as they look 🙂 Congrats again!

  3. Ally says:

    I love the recipe for hazelnut chocolate spread- my boyfriend goes through Nutella like nothing else, and this will be a lot healthier!

  4. Nina D says:

    I have some haloumi in the fridge crying out to made into the Confetti Salad with Haloumi – sounds yummy!!

  5. Kym says:

    Really excited about this cookbook – especially the quick pork sang choy bau!
    Thanks very much! 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to make the hazelnut spread, I love anything with hazelnuts so it should be awesome.

  7. Jaan says:

    Read it, loved it, and ready to make all of it. The pumpkin soup is the first one I’ll make. thanks a million.

  8. Congrats on the lovely book! Download from today’s email worked perfectly 🙂 As for my fav recipe… hummm, I’m going to go with the Pumpkin Coconut & Chilli Soup because soup is just about all I can think about in this cold weather, but the Choc Hazelnut & Pear Slice looks fab as well!

  9. Scottish Chris says:


    Your book looks fantastic!

  10. Steff says:

    Congrats from Germany! I love your blog and I also love your book! Thanks very much for sharing!

  11. Raymund says:

    Wow I will so enter in this competition, the best giveaway Ive seen on blogs so far.

  12. What a gorgeous book! Thanks so much Martyna. Have to say every single recipe looks wonderful and achievable, but the first thing I’m going to try is the pumpkin soup. It’s a great twist on a classic and I might even be able to tempt my pumpkin-hating husband into eating it!

  13. Rebecca says:

    Marty, well done on your book! I love it. The recipes all sound and look amazing. The first things I want to try are the Passionfruit Blueberry & Yoghurt Muffins, and the Cottage Cheese Caprese….yum! Thank you 🙂

  14. Lyn says:

    Love Haloumi…. and the choc hazelnut spread sounds great.
    Just new to the site and am enjoying going over recipes in the archives.
    Like the cookbook, and pics are great.

  15. Congratulations on the launch of the book Martyana. What a wonderful accomplishment to put all of this together. I’m going through it now, but it looks beautiful and everything looks delicious!!

  16. James says:

    The pumpkin soup is my favorite. Thanks.

  17. Andrea says:

    Congratulaions!! The book is great, I have some Kale so Cabbage, bean and crispy kale will be my first recipe on the list.

  18. ally says:

    congratulations on your delicious success – keep the yummy coming!

  19. Sara says:

    Can’t wait to try the Baked Spring Rolls…and so many other things as well 🙂 Yum!

  20. TC says:

    The download looks amazing!

  21. Darryl says:

    Pumpkin coconut and chilli soup sounds delicious!

  22. Sarah says:

    Love the idea of this cookbook!

  23. Janice says:

    Thak you for this great cookbook. Love the look of so many of the recipes but in particular can’t wait to try the Confetti Salad with Haloumi 🙂

  24. Shumaila says:

    Congrats on the ebook! Going through it now!

  25. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations!! You must be so thrilled (:

    Everything looks great, but I must say the chocolate hazelnut spread has me drooling and I will be making that first!

  26. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love everything pumpkin! That pumpkin soup looks delicious!

  27. Judy Smithson says:

    Finally, I will get healthy from whole foods. I am a kale lover, so there you go.

  28. Debbie Jennings says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful download and the opportunity to join in your giveaway. You’ve done an excellent job on the book…you should be so proud.

  29. Love the book! Love the recipes! Love the little snippets of information and tips. Amazing job Martyna! Pat on back!

  30. christine morris says:

    Thank You very much for your Free Download, i love food so i know i will enjoy trying out some of your Fabulous Recipes. Thank You very much for the Opportunity . My Son thanks you too he loves me to try out New and different Recipes, Regards Christine 🙂

  31. It’s downloading now, can’t wait to check it out!


  32. terry wedding says:

    great giveaway thanks

  33. Shannon Pickin says:

    There’s a lot of recipes in this book that looks delish. I think the Mango and Yoghurt Ice Pops will be a hit with the kids this summer 🙂

  34. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! The uppercase is not enough to describe how happy I am for you Martyna! This is awesome! Going to check it out now.

  35. I am supposed to pick my favorite – Mango and Yoghurt ice pop. I’m going to make it this weekend. Thanks for your wonderful FREE recipes!!

    I just went through your cookbook and I’m so impressed by your detailed and thorough work. I’d never even thought of making a cookbook. So much work!!! Great job Martyna! This is really amazing accomplishment and words can’t describe.

  36. Eve says:

    Thanks so much for this cookbook, I needed it! 🙂

  37. Simone Nelson says:


    Funny story baked beans I told the kids one day they could have whatever they wanted for tea….they chose baked beans but this will be a different spin that maybe I could enjoy them also

  38. Chris G says:

    ROASTED PUMPKIN PIZZA WITH YOGHURT SAUCE… but I added shredded chicken, a drizzle of chili sauce and more low fat Greek yoghurt,as well as more pumpkin…

  39. Barry says:

    Another great excuse to eat Haloumi – Confetti Salad with Haloumi! And a healthy one too!!! 🙂

  40. Jenny says:

    Martyna the book is gorgeous. I downloaded it last night(twice! Inadvertently!). You take amazing food pics, they are styled beautifully, you definitely have a real talent for it.

    I think my fav recipe is the buckwheat soya burgers, I have never cooked with buckwheat or soya beans so I think I should give it a go, looks seriously delicious & super healthy

  41. Daniel says:

    Martyna, you’re legendary… I just bought your book on Kindle, and it’s changing the way I think about food… as an essential, rather than just fuel.

    Favourite recipe? Definitely the chicken, mushroom and soba soup!

  42. Lauren Scandrett says:

    Favourite recipe is baked spring rolls!

  43. Tracy Boulter says:

    My favourite is the Oven=baked Chicken Kievs with cucumber salad, I would use babt spinach leaves and dill fresh from my vegetable garden.

  44. VandaB says:

    Wow, these recipe’s look absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to start cooking, I just don’t know what to make first!

  45. VandaB says:

    Sang Choy Bau is one of my absolute favourite foods, I think I’ll start there!

  46. Duane Middlebrook says:

    I love this book! My kids will like the hazelnut chocolate spread.

  47. Sandra Mills says:

    Thank You for sharing with us your wonderful book and the opportunity to win your fantastic giveaway. 🙂

  48. Cecilia Bell says:

    Must admit I’m not really that much into cooking but after checking out your ebook I feel genuinely excited to try many of the recipes! The meatballs in a creamy horseradish and dill sauce with buckwheat sounds delish. I am definitely going to share it with my daughter, she loves to cook. 🙂

  49. Renee Annison says:

    wow thank you so much for the book,definelty will come in handy ,we are a big gluten free household and a few of the recipes i’ve eyed out look delish!

  50. Emmanuelle says:

    Many thanks for this lovely e-book and for sharing it with us! Your food philosophy is quite close to mine and your recipes look pretty delicious! Be sure I will try them very soon. Thanks again!

  51. Nelson says:

    Oven-baked Chicken Kievs with Cucumber Salad is amazing!

  52. Alex says:

    I love the baked spring rolls!

  53. Linda Hynson says:

    So many fantastic recipes0-think i will start out slow with pumpkin soup:-)

  54. All I have to say is wow! what a fantastic book. The recipes look divine and I cant wait to try the lentil couscous salad this week. Not only is it beautiful presented with gorgeous photos, it is also written so well too, I love blogger cookbooks so much more than celebrity ones. They tell a story with the food and its so much more inviting and not mention you know they have tried and tested it to perfection. I cant wait to start trying them out.

  55. Rose C says:

    I almost couldn’t get past the picture of the Pumpkin Coconut and Chili Soup w/Garlic Croutons…yeah, my senses can’t wait to taste that! Congratulations and good job!

  56. Just found your site today for the first time, and have just purchased your book for my ipad & kindle! Excited to try out the choc banana ice cream!

  57. Catherine Norris says:

    Thanks for the cookbook, the Pumpkin Coconut & Chilli Soup looks to be my favorite so far!

  58. Aaron Kaczmarczyk says:

    Congratulations really well done!

    MY favourite recipe would have to be Roasted Pumpkin Pizza with Yogurt Sauce, very yummy and a great mix of ingredients!

  59. Nicole Kent says:

    the lentil pumpkin and Couscous salad makes my mouth water!!

  60. Sue B says:

    Great ideas, yep that roasted pumpkin pizza sounds right up my alley.

  61. Kathy R says:

    I’ve just had a quick look & the book looks great. Can’t wait to spend more time perusing it….

  62. Kathy R says:

    Oops – forgot to mention my favourite recipe. I’m loving the sound of the Pumpkin, Coconut & Chilli soup with garlic croutons. Perfect on a cold winter night.

  63. Manda Hardy says:

    Serendipity, for sure. I woke up today ready to cook up a storm and need some healthy recipes to do it with, and thanks to you I know exactly where to start! Cheers!! Baked spring rolls are going to be a hit at lunch for my 2yr old

  64. Margaret McKay says:

    I made your pumpkin soup recipe at our son-in-law’s , but with fresh ginger and it was a huge hit.
    I love your father’s feelings about eating inventions…..that was one of the rules in our house when our three were growing up. What is great is that the next generation is following along the same lines with the grandchildren!

  65. The Chocolate Hazelnut Spread recipe will be the first one I try. We avoid artificial ingredients because of my daughter’s ADHD, so I’ve been looking for a fantastic all natural recipe. Beautiful book, congratulations!

  66. Amanda Gorton says:

    The Quick Pork San Choy Bow looks nutritious and delicious, using in season fresh ingredients means it must be economical too!

  67. Jacqui says:

    OMG… im in love with the sounds of the herbed baked beans…..must go out and buy everything i need….

  68. Charisse Childs says:

    What a great cookbook, many thanks. It’s great to be able to find recipes that my family will love. I can’t wait to try the CHICKEN MUSHROOM AND SOBA NOODLE SOUP. Looks delicious!

  69. The Cottage Cheese Caprese sounds wonderful!! 🙂

  70. karen says:

    Can’t wait to try the Passionfruit Blueberry & Yoghurt Muffins.

  71. Alicia Pavlovich says:

    I just love haloumi, so the Confetti Salad with Haloumi is a winner for me! Well done 🙂

  72. kim j says:

    the pumpkin soup is awesome

  73. Debbie S. says:

    The mango and yoghurt ice pops are yummy!

  74. Kimberly K. says:

    My favorite recipe was called “Choc Hazelnut and Pear Slice” – the pears really complemented the flavor of the chocolate. So Yummy!

  75. Liz A says:

    Thought I’d commented earlier but can’t find it… My favouritist favourite (which is subject to change on an hourly basis!) would be the tender beef stir fry. I love your little hints and tips through the book! Thanks for the giveaways and congrats on 2 years 🙂

    • Thanks Liz! 🙂 On all counts! How is the French Oven Set going?

      • Liz A says:

        Oh I am loving them!! My favourite so far has been the garlic and red wine lamb shanks I did – which actually fitted properly in the big one (this is exciting because it’s the first time I’ve had a pot the right size!) Thank you again (and Kitchenware Direct)!

  76. Marilyn J says:

    My fav is the pumpkin soup

  77. Tyler says:

    Very nice book…

  78. Thanks so much for you e-cookbook! I am an allergy sufferer, and I’ve been working to really refine my diet and eat more wholesome meals! I am stoked to have this in my toolkit!

  79. ewilliams says:

    Oven-baked Chicken Kievs with Cucumber Salad is my fav so far

  80. Jodie Oliver says:

    chocolate hazlenut spread.. I want to dip it into strawberries yum

  81. Valerie says:

    As of now, my favorite recipe is the roasted pumpkin pizza with yoghurt sauce! Perfect for fall anticipation. 🙂

  82. RACHAEL says:

    I’m a sweets girl and I can’t wait to test out the passionfruit, bluberry and yoghurt muffins. yummy 🙂

  83. Jennifer B. says:

    Looking forward to trying these… Especially the QUICK PORK SANG CHOY BAU!

  84. Katarina White says:

    Congratulations Martyna on your amazing achievement!
    This is a BRILLIANT book! I’ve published e-books and I know the HOURS of effort it takes to create something so appealing. I think it would look beautiful in hard cover. Your photos are SO ENTICING…my hubbie asked what I was reading as I kept groaning ‘Yuuuuuum! Yuuuuuummmmmm!’ That carrot soup looks so divine. Can’t wait to make it-and I don’t even like carrot soup!
    You’ve inspired me to make some of these yummy looking meals and I LOVE how SIMPLE AND ACCESSIBLE you have made WHOLE FOODS. SO practical! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent! Cheers and smiles, Katarina

  85. Congratulations on such an important step in your career as food writer! All the recipes in the book look amazing, my favorite, if I have to choose one, is the chocolate and peanut butter cookies on page 57 🙂

  86. Laura Jilka says:

    Confetti Salad with Haloumi – recently discovered Haloumi – yum!

  87. Kirsty says:

    Thanks for this giveway and e-book, looks awesome 🙂

  88. Kirsty says:

    My favourite recipe would have to be the baked spring rolls. My 6 year old daughter loves spring rolls, but I can just smell all the bad additives when I bake the frozen spring rolls for her. I will feel much more confident feeding your version to her!

  89. Renee says:

    I have only just found your site today but wow I am so please I stumbled across it.
    Thank you for holding such an awesome give away too, that is such a bonus.
    Will definitely share this fantastic site.

  90. It’s deserts for me every time: I love the 3 INGREDIENT (INSTANT) CHOCOLATE BANANA
    ICE CREAM. So good and really quick to make.

  91. Megan W says:

    I can’t wait for my son to try the healthy fish fingers!!

  92. Hi Martyne, your book is gorgeous, thank- you and congratulations on it’s release! I love the sound of the Chocolate hazelnut and pear slice. Thanks again. Kyrstie

  93. Linda Tan says:

    It’s a wonderful book tackling the big issue of substituting taste for healthy. I love Spicy Buckwheat and Soya Burgers with Asian Mayo-Free Slaw. Yum yum yum!

  94. Everything looks delish! I have to make the hazelnut spread!!

  95. Patsy E. says:

    CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE SANDWICHES, I think has to be my favorite right now. They look so yummy!

    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  96. Hi Martyna
    What an amazing achievement – congratulations!!
    You have a beautiful blog – I’m so glad to have found you.
    PS confetti salad with halloumi

  97. lynnette says:

    My favorite recipe is them cottage cheese caprese.

  98. Ateka says:

    thanks for this great giveaway and the e-cookbook.

  99. Carolyn says:

    My husband is a tradie, and I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks that I can make for him – the passionfruit, blueberry and yoghurt muffins are a winner! Thanks for the free cookbook 🙂

  100. Debra says:

    Congratulations on your book. Cant wait to cook from it

  101. Debra says:

    The meat pies with mushy peas and gravy looks like something we all need on these cold nights.

  102. Kenny Emerson says:

    This is an amazing cookbook! I would have to say that my favorite recipe from it would have to be the Spicy Buckwheat and Soya Burgers with Asian Mayo-Free Slaw. Not only is it simple and not very time-consuming to create, it’s also vegan/GF (if desired.) Which is simply amazing. Most of all it tastes great!

  103. Lisa Chawner says:

    Pumpkin Coconut & Chilli Soup -sounds like a perfect combination!

  104. Kathy B says:

    I have two very health conscious sons, you are going to score me some serious brownie points 🙂

  105. Miranda says:

    I’m loving this cookbook, and it has such a lovely layout too! Carrot ginger and quinoa…what a healthy (and super tasty) combination! YUMO! thanks 🙂

  106. Janice says:

    This is fabulous! The Carrot, ginger & quinoa soup looks beyond vibrant and the most tender beef stir fry is a winning dish. Thanks for your posts, recipes, and congratulations!

  107. Narelle Rock says:

    the hazelnut spread, having 4 kids in this house…and me…we go through nutella like it’s going out of fashion!
    great recipes, love them all, thankyou!

  108. Danielle H says:

    Makes me salivate.
    Makes me grovel, mate.
    Don’t hesitate – give me the cheesecake!
    I will celebrate and I will dedicate.
    My last bite of cheesecake.
    To my taste buds, which I will placate.
    With your fine cheesecake.

  109. Healthy fish fingers and oven baked chips are one of my favourites. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for the great prize on offer. Fantastic cookbook.

  110. Andrew says:

    Every body loves a warn tasty soup
    And my favorite one is you’re Cabbage, Bean and Crispy Kale Soup

  111. The Pumpkin Soup looks and sounds delicious. I can’ wait to try it.

  112. Germaine says:

    I love the sound of the cabbage bean and kale soup… simply because kale is one of my fave veggies!
    But that carrot, ginger and quinoa soup is calling out to me too. 😉

  113. cara casey says:

    Pasta-less vegetable Lasagna!
    it’s so tasty
    I love this lasagna,
    I can’t get enough.
    Lasagna! Lasagna!
    You really hit the spot.

  114. Jo says:

    Looking forward to trying some of these recipes out on the family

  115. Love chicken mushroom and soba noodle soup. Looks so delicious.

  116. Sonya says:

    I love it when recipe books have delicious photos to accompany the recipe. I am looking forward to trying the chocolate hazelnut spread out on my super fussy children. Thanks 🙂

  117. OMG!! Why haven’t I been here before? Healthy doesn’t mean evil or bad food! Love the cherry ripe recipe 😉 So glad that I am subscribing now.. won’t miss another recipe 😉

  118. Tina says:

    Wow your chicken and mushroom soba soup looks and sounds delish and easy to make too! Great recipe ebook 🙂

  119. Jasmine says:

    Choc hazelnut and pear slice

  120. Tania says:

    Thanks Martyna for a fabulous e-cookbook that caters for my many and varied dietary requirements! the book looks fantastic, love the font, the layout and your beautiful photography. Well done!

  121. Shawna says:

    I love the baked spring rolls

  122. Barbara says:

    I am loving the Choc hazelnut and pear slice

  123. Natasha says:

    I love the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread recipe

  124. Tyler says:

    Chocolate hazelnut spread all the way

  125. Kara says:

    Meatballs in a creamy horseradish and dill saucewith buckwheat. OH. EM. GEE!!!

  126. I just downloaded your cookbook, Martyna. First of all, many many congratulations! It is a fantastic book and you have done wonderfully well. I am printing it off as we speak and I can’t wait to sit down and read it more leisurely later. I look forward to trying all the recipes, but as I am such a Nutella fanatic, I confess I’m looking forward to making my own version by using your recipe for the chocolate hazelnut spread. Thank you for being so generous and lovely. 🙂 *cheering you on*

    I can’t wait to meet you in person when I move to Sydney!


  127. Jess says:

    Carrot ginger and quinoa soup… Amazing! Perfect for these cold nights, thanks!

  128. Jazz says:

    Absolutely love the book! A little something I needed to become a healthier and happier me! Thanks Martyna!

  129. Alicia says:

    Love the book! Really like the Baked Spring Rolls with Vegan filling, so much more healthier for me.

  130. Andrea says:

    My favourite recipe is the Lentil pumpkin and couscous salad – a very simple yet versatile recipe that can be served warm or cold thus great to have throughout the entire year!

  131. The spring rolls look yummy

  132. Penny George says:

    Fabulous book – can’t wait to try out the recipes!!

  133. Maria L says:

    What a truly great cookbook! Thanks for the wonderful Pumpkin, coconut and chilli soup recipe – It was delicious!

  134. If I only ever owned one book this ebook would be it, what a great use of technology and would be perfect and ideal for the kitchen. I can’t wait to cook every recipe in your book. congrats and well done.

  135. Rosemarie says:

    Quick Pork Sang Choi Bau

  136. Miri says:

    Love the roasted pumpkin pizza with yoghurt sauce!

  137. ahmed ameen says:

    in some giveaways i click enter without tweeting or sharing and the counter count it !!
    i want to know if it counted or not ??

  138. Chris Francis says:

    Quick Pork Sang Choy Bau is absolutely yummy. Made it for dinner and everyone loved it.Will definitely be making it again.

  139. Ross says:

    Definitely the Quick Pork San Choy Bow – my kids love eating with their fingers.

  140. Charlotte says:

    What an awesome ebook, can’t believe it was free – thank you! 🙂 And thanks for the great giveaway!

  141. Monique says:

    Pumpkin Coconut & Chilli Soup OMG how exotic and yummy does that sound, a must try!!

  142. Jean says:

    😀 Nice cookbook!

  143. Anne says:

    Love your book- delicious as well as healthy!

  144. Natalie Stoute says:

    Wow, what amazing recipes! I always love a good pumpkin soup and my ‘usual’ does get a bit boring at times… can’t wait to try your recipe. Thanks 🙂

  145. Biljana L says:

    Looking forward to trying the Carrot, Ginger and Quinoa soup, with my food intolerances this dish looks appetising, nutritious and healthy.

  146. Sophie Wright says:

    I can’t wait to try so many things – the buckwheat and soya burgers and the carrot, ginger and quinoa soup are on the menu tomorrow. Yummo and thank you!

  147. Jennifer H says:

    Proof that eating HEALTHY can be an absolutely DELICIOUS EXPERIENCE!

  148. Allison says:

    The cookbook looks great! Thanks so much for making it available for download! : )

  149. Heather R says:




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